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An initiative to push for the opening of an “advanced waste treatment site” in Victoria is supported by the Kingston Council.

Kingston Mayor Steve Staikos says the declining availability of landfills meant something had to be done soon. “There will be no more landfill in the south-eastern or eastern suburbs of Melbourne by 2025, so something significant needs to be done, and that quickly,” he said. “We can not sit back and do nothing when we can clearly see a crisis in the near future. Kingston takes positive action by committing to the project and encourages other councils to join.

“The project will provide a crucial alternative to landfill that will transform how household waste is handled by converting it into energy instead of digging it into the ground. The Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Group has said that advanced waste treatment solutions will play a significant role in achieving the Victorian government’s new goal of diverting 80 percent of household waste from landfill by 2030. “

The Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Group seeks industry proposals for the facility on behalf of the councils.

To play their role, municipalities have been asked to commit to sending household waste to the proposed advanced waste treatment plant for the first 25 years of its operation.

First published in Chelsea Mordialloc Mentone News – March 23, 2022

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