Fans wonder if Ciara has baby No. 4 on the way after viral TikTok triggers pregnancy rumors



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Ciara has been open about a lot of things with her fans – including her relationship with her husband Russell Wilson, the upbringing of three children and the dynamics of the couple’s lively, laughable and cheerful household.

But after a fan had posted a TikTok meeting by himself “Level Up” singeronline users on the app have speculated that CiCi is expecting child number four and that the now viral clip revealed her pregnancy before she was ready to share it with the world.

In the short video of the fan meeting, TikToker cascaded over Ciara after driving into the singer in Buckhead, Atlanta and later standing next to the star so they could be in the video together.

TikTok users discussed in the comments whether they looked at Ciara with a baby bump or not, and why TikToker would informally announce the singer’s pregnancy if the artist is actually having a baby.

TikTokers wrote things like “Why would you announce her pregnancy?” and “Why would you ruin her message?”

“You are not the exclusive pregnancy 😭😭😭,” and “It’s so insignificant that people do anything to see!” others added.

Meanwhile, a person chimed in and said, “But what if she’s not. She’s had three children, bloating is happening. You’re just jumping to conclusions.”

A lot of users came in defense of TikToker, which also posted the clip. They pointed out that Ciara seemed to give consent to be in the video and that the star knew she was being recorded, whether she was pregnant or not.

“In my defense, I did not even see that she was pregnant,” wrote TikToker, who posted the clip after receiving backlash. “When I said, I just found out because you all made me aware of it. I had no bad intentions.”

Ciara and Russell made headlines earlier this month after the latter fell on one knee and jokingly suggested to his wife that they should have more babies.

“Give me at least one more,” the NFL star told Ciara, to which she replied with a laugh, “We can definitely [but we need] a little more time before we get there. ”

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If and when Ciara announces another pregnancy – we will make sure to keep you updated.

Read more about the singer’s fry below.

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