Fans have the same complaint about Kate and Williams’ tour photos

If there’s one thing that excites us, it’s a royal trip. Fortunately, with Kate Middleton and Prince William on their first major journey since the pandemic, we are counting our lucky stars. From the beautifully honest photos of our future king and queen to Williams’ funny father dancing, and not to forget Kate’s to-die-for-outfits, we’ve totally hooked on everything the Cambridges are up to on their tour of Caribbean. But it seems that not everyone is as excited about their journey as we are, with many fans taking to the couple’s Instagram account to share the same complaint.

In fact, while fans are very excited about the flow of photos coming from the couple’s royal tour, they do not love the captions – or lack thereof – that come with them. “The images are amazing. Please use more descriptive and informative captions,” commented one person on their Instagram page. “Can we please get more detailed, informative captions?” another follower wrote with another expression: “Can you say a little more in these captions … it sounds like you are uninterested, which I KNOW you are not.”

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Given that many of us have been relocated over the past two years due to pandemic-related travel restrictions, it is understandable that fans are eager to live substitute through the Duke and Duchess’s royal holiday. So far, the couple has spent a few days in Belize, dancing with the local Garifuna community and visiting a cocoa farm to learn about how chocolate is made … and of course have a taste. Recently, the duo visited a Mayan monument in the Chiquibul forest.

Prince William shared a rare message on Instagram about their trip, saying: “Catherine and I are delighted to be here in Belize at the beginning of our first official visit to the Caribbean. I am honored to convey the warmest wishes of my grandmother “The Queen of Belize on the occasion of her platinum anniversary.”

He continued: “In our short time here, Catherine and I have been fortunate to witness some of the extraordinary biodiversity that you so lovingly nurture here in your jungles and reefs. Alongside this environmental diversity, yesterday we also had a a taste of Belize’s wonderful cultural diversity – from Mayan chocolate to Garifuna drumming. And yes, you even made us dance! “

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We can not wait to see pictures of what the couple will be up to next time – with a visit to Jamaica and the Bahamas yet – whether with or without captions.

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