Famous fashion photographer criticized for overcharging plus-size models

A high-profile fashion photographer is called out in online fashion and model circles to charge plus-size models $ 100 above its normal price.

New York-based photographer William Lords has made countless photo shoots for major magazines, such as Vogue, Glass Magazine, Elleand Harpers Bazaar, and has taken pictures of celebrities like Katie Holmes, Canadian model Winnie Harlow and Victoria Pedretti of the popular Netflix show You.

But his reputation may get a hit since model manager Megan Mesveskas posted an Instagram video over the weekend revealing Lords’ double standards.

“Okay, so you all probably have heard of designers charging more to curve models because it is more fabric or no matter what. But what about -one photographer charging more to share curve or plus-size models? It is -one new one, ”begins Mesveskas.

Mesveskas owns a body-diversified modeling agency and is always looking for test photographers for its clients. She sent a message to the Lords to inquire about his prices, but her jaw dropped as she saw the answer.


@meganmesveskas | Instagram

The email shows that Lords charges US $ 950 as a “standard” rate for eight to 10 photos of three styled looks. But the price for models in larger sizes for the exact same services is $ 1,050.

“Yes, you are reading to right. ONE curve, -one plus-size model is walks to cost one additional $ 100, ”says a frustrated Mesveskas in the video. “I guess he just does not want to look at them through his camera …?”

The video was re-posted by the Instagram account @shitmodelmgmt, which reveals bad players in the modeling industry to protect models. The account has almost 250,000 followers.

“This is insane! @Williamlords, a well-known New York photographer, shamelessly charges curve and plus-size models $ 100 extra for his dissatisfaction with having to see them on the set,” they wrote in their caption.

The comments are flooded with anger and disappointment.

“Just when I think I’ve seen it all in this industry … The fact that both awards were listed, side by side, without any hesitation or attempt to hide it,” wrote Canadian model Coco Rocha, who have often spoken out in favor of defending young models on their way into the industry. “Unfortunately, progress is not always guaranteed in fashion, and I am unfortunately starting to see more and more signs that we are being pulled back to the early days of the 2000s. It’s really disappointing, ”she added.

Other people in the industry also came out with their experiences with Lords. Model and actress Grace Adkins wrote:

Soooo, I have tea on this guy. I was always afraid to say anything because he was my first test shot out here in NYC, but from telling me things like: he did not like working with curve girls who were “unhealthy”, to blaming girls who benefit of in the photography world because they “should have gotten that mood” if the photographer had nude photos everywhere on the page. This man is having problems and I am so disappointed in myself that I was manipulated by him into believing something else. @shitmodelmgmt these are just the weird things he said to me before we even started shooting. (as he legally started filming with an hour of discussion about this)

Another model, Alexis Henry, claimed that Lords first charged $ 750 from her, but raised it to $ 900 when he realized that Henry was a model in larger sizes.

@modelnexus, @shitmodelmgmt | Instagram

Despite being tagged in several comments and posts, Lords has not responded to the video or the allegations. However, he actively posts Instagram stories about other things.

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