Family launches scheme to tackle Trafford’s child poverty crisis

A YOUNG couple with a newborn want to tackle Trafford’s child poverty – and they have started from their own anteroom.

Catherine and Olie D’Albertanson were shocked to hear that one in 10 children in the borough live in absolute poverty and that a third of Greater Manchester’s children live below the bread limit.

Now, with the cost-of-living crisis biting, they have undertaken to do what they can to help.

The couple has created the Little Green Sock Project, an initiative to provide used clothing to children who need it most.

The project has already received a total of 270 kg of clothing donations and is busy sorting them.

Catherine said: “We provide that link to those who have profits and those in need. Families referred to our project will be able to return as the seasons change and their children grow to get a constant supply of clothes throughout their child’s life.

“The idea that a parent has to choose between food, warmth or dressing of their children really struck a chord with us.

“Clothing is a basic human need and we have an abundance of grown quality clothing in our communities and a lot of families who just want to help.

“We are also able to provide emergency clothing packages to children who are placed in emergency care homes, families escaping abuse at home, or refugees fleeing conflicts with only the clothes on their backs.

“But to enable us to help as many families as possible and to secure the future of our project, we need financial support. We would like to receive any corporate support for fundraising or sponsorship or offers of volunteer time to help us with our mission. ”

The team now wants to improve a new room they are renting to get a power supply so volunteers can enjoy a well-deserved cup and have more room to sort in donations.

They are working to get the project registered as a charity in the coming weeks and plan to hold a full launch event next month.

The project is not able to accept things like panties, pants and socks.

The couple is asking for donations to their GoFundMe site to enable them to pay for storage facilities and welcome donations of children’s clothing aged 0-12 years.

If you would like to donate to the project or help further, go to

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