Erik Larsen Almost Drew a Lobo Miniseries for DC Comics

In the latest Comic Book Legends Revealed, see how Erik Larsen almost drew a Lobo miniseries in the early days of Image Comics

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Erik Larsen almost drew the miniseries Lobo: Infanticide



Something that I don’t think people quite understand is how informal the creation of Image Comics was at its onset. With seven different guys involved, you obviously had seven different mindsets about the idea of Image Comics at the start. That start really came down to a general situation where Rob Liefeld, Jim Valentino and Erik Larsen were going to do creator-owned work at Malibu Comics, and then it all sort of slowly came into focus from there as the others got involved.

As you might imagine, when you’re dealing with something that is taking a while to sort of coalesce, then there naturally are going to be points where creators almost did different things during that period, and one of those creators who almost did some different things during that time was Erik Larsen.

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Larsen has long been a fan of the Marvel superhero, Nova. He even drew the Nova trading card for Marvel in the 1992 Marvel trading card set…

In George Khoury’s brilliant book for TwoMorrows, Image Comics: The Road To Independence, Larsen discussed what his plans were at the time he was getting ready to come out with Savage Dragon #1, [R]eally it was a situation where I was waiting for Marvel to let me do something. I pitched Nova as an ongoing series by that point, and they were getting back to me, and it took them a long time. Eventually they came back and told me, ‘Well, you can do it as a mini-series. We won’t commit to doing it as an ongoing book.’ And I was like, ‘Well, a mini-series, that’s not–‘ I mean, the pressure’s off, in a way there.

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By this point in time, Larsen had done a proposed Wizard Magazine cover featuring Lobo that was ultimately scrapped…

He then explained to Khoury, “And DC at that point was trying to get me to dow something for them, and they wanted me to do a Lobo mini-series which ultimately Keith Giffen illustrated, that Lobo: Infanticide mini-series that Keith had done layouts for.”

“I had done layouts for the first issue of that, and I drew a couple of pages for a trade paperback collection of Lobo’s Greatest Hits, and so it’s like, ‘Okay, I’m going to be doing Lobo. That’ll be next – I’ll do a Lobo mini-series, I’ll do a Nova mini-series, and, oh, then there’s this Image Comics things, I’ll do a Dragon mini-series.’ To me it wasn’t like, ‘I’m leaving Marvel, I’m leaving DC, and I’m going with these guys for good.’ My intention was that I would get back and do these other things, y’know, and especially if this Image thing didn’t pan out, it’s like, ‘Well, I could still go back and do my Nova mini-series.'”

But then Savage Dragon #1 came out and it did quite well…

And as Larsen notes, “And then the Image stuff did pan out, and the other stuff became, ‘Well, I don’t really have a strong desire to do this now.'”

Fascinating stuff. Thanks to Erik Larsen and George Khoury for the great information! If anyone has a copy of Lobo’s Greatest Hits, I’d love to share Larsen’s pieces from that book, too, if you could send me a scan of those pages!


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