Epic Airbnb experiences you did not know you could book

Airbnb is more than places to stay - check out these incredible experiences you can book on the popular travel site.

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When you think of Airbnb, you can immediately imagine exotic wooden houses in Oregon’s deep green forests or sleek modern homes right next to Greece’s blue waters. However, did you know that you could also learn how to make European cakes, solve murder mysteries or read a tarot card through the popular travel site? Airbnb experiences connects tourists and holidaymakers with local tours, hotspots and more in any city.

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Whatever your interests, Airbnb Experiences has something for you – there are even virtual classes and experiences for you to explore, even when you’re at home. We have gathered some of the most interested and extensive experiences you can book – check out our selection.

1. For music lovers: Harlem Jazz Crawl New York, NY

Explore Harlem nightclubs with this NYC tour of jazz hotspots.

New York’s jazz scene has a deep – rooted history and magic, and you need the right person to introduce you to it. In this Airbnb experience, you will travel through the Apollo Theater and Minton’s Playhouse, among other legendary Harlem nightclubs. The host has been a jazz club for more than two decades and will guide you into the spirit of nightlife in the big apple. Get ready to dance the night away!

Book Harlem Jazz Crawl with Airbnb from $ 85 per person

2. For Ghost Enthusiasts: Haunted Paris Tour – Legends, Real Crime, Ghosts and more Paris, France

This English-language tour is led by a knowledge host with a history degree.

Are you a fan of ghost stories and jump scares? Then this haunted city experience in the City of Light is the perfect fit for you. Explore the eerie side of the glamorous city as you visit icons like Notre Dame Cathedral and hear stories like the beheading of Queen Marie Antoinette. The host has a history exam and will keep you entertained through his storytelling skills – yes, it’s in English.

Book the Haunted Paris Tour with Airbnb from $ 23 per person

3. For foodies: Most authentic Mexico Citys Street Food Mexico City, Mexico

Eat your way around Mexico City with this tour led by a longtime city dweller.

Mexico City is rich in culture, art and, most importantly, food. It can be overwhelming to decide where to eat when you are in a new city, but this experience has got you covered. Hosted by a guide who has lived in the vibrant city for nearly twenty-five years, you will be guided through 11 tasty street food places. This tour is given in English and Spanish, and although the host can not guarantee that every stop will have vegan or vegetarian-friendly offerings, exotic fruits, corn, tacos and churros are on the menu – come on an empty stomach!

Book the most authentic Mexico Citys Street Food at Airbnb from $ 32 per person

4. For Art Lovers: Non-Tourist Montreal Street Art Tour Montreal, Canada

Admire street art and learn the story behind the murals throughout Montreal.

Is street art your thing? Then this experience in Montreal, Canada, calls your name. This walk will guide you through 20 to 30 murals scattered along the streets of Montreal. You will not just admire these pieces – your guide will teach you about the artists, the message behind each mural and the different techniques. Who knows, maybe you will be inspired to create your own masterpiece!

Book the original non-touristy Montreal Street Art Tour with Airbnb from $ 32 per person

5. For animal lovers: Live Virtual Wildlife Safari in South Africa Virtually

An experienced guide will take you - live!  - on this South African safari you can see from your own home.

If you can not get away, you can still see the sights with this live (yes – you are on the trip in real time) virtual wildlife safari. You will be taken through South Africa to see giraffes, zebras and a multitude of birds. Personal stories about each animal, an engaging host and an optional quiz at the end of the tour will help you feel like you were there. (Please note that this experience has a minimum of 10 people to book.)

Book Live Virtual Wildlife Safari in South Africa with Airbnb from $ 26 per person


For hunters: Truffle experience Rome Rome, Italy

Truffle lovers, this hunt is for you.

Find your own coveted truffles among beautiful oak trees in northern Rome, Italy, with the help of a professional truffle hunter and a group of dogs in this Airbnb experience. Not only will you get to collect the elusive mushrooms, at the end of the trip your host will also cook with them while sipping some wine.

Book Truffle Experience Rome with Airbnb from $ 110 per person

7. For problem solvers: Murder Mystery Escape Room game Virtually

It's your turn to be a detective in this online escape room.

Challenge yourself with this completely online experience to solve a case with a group of detectives. Evidence is in the form of footage, photos and websites, and your experience will include a well-written script, detailed videos and brain-testing puzzles. The case is challenging enough to keep you engaged while working on your team building skills, so choose your group wisely!

Book Murder Mystery Escape Room Game on Airbnb from $ 119 per group

8. For chefs: European cakes from Grandma’s recipe Park City, NY

Learn how to make buttery, European cakes, and take them home with you in this hands-on class.

This practical baking course will teach you how to make fresh koláče and babka – and at the end of the experience you will leave with a box of buttery European cakes, a recipe and a list of tips so you can make them again.

Book European cakes from Grandma’s recipe on Airbnb from $ 89 per person

9. For spiritual souls: Tea, talk and tarot counseling and chat Sydney, Australia

Have a tarot reading in cozy surroundings in Sydney, Australia.

Want to know what the universe has in store for you? So find out with this tarot reading paired with a cozy cup of tea in this mountain home in Sydney, Australia. You will be embraced with a cozy fireplace in the winter or a lovely garden in the summer. Tarot readings last between one to two hours, depending on the number of guests. Enjoy some goodies while learning about your future!

Book Tea, Talk & Tarot consultation and chat with Airbnb from $ 65 per person. person

10. For Crafty Hands: Origami and the Essence of Japan Virtually

Make your own origami creations with this online class.

In this interactive virtual experience you will learn how to make origami from a local in Tokyo. The host has been learning the origami art from her mother since she was three years old. All you need is a pair of scissors and some paper and you are ready to create a masterpiece. Take a friend or two and learn about the ancient Japanese art form.

Book Origami and the Essence of Japan with Airbnb from $ 11 per person

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