Emilia Clarke’s role in the Disney + series may have been revealed

Fans have been wondering about Emilia Clarke’s role in Secret invasion ever since Game of Thrones alum joined the cast, and we may finally know what character she plays in the show.

As is usually the case, details about Emilia Clarke’s role in Marvel’s Secret invasion has been kept secret since she joined the cast, but we may finally know what character Game of Thrones actress is set to star in the upcoming Disney + series.

There has been much speculation that Clarke had been cast as Abigail Brand, however some recently tuned videos made it seem clear that her mysterious character would work with the Skrull attackers, and quite rightly, the one-time queen of the dragons is said to play Princess Veranke.

In the comics, Veranke was a member of Dard’van, a deeply religious sect in the Skrull community that predicted the end of the Skrull Empire. After being banished as a fiery soul by the then ruler Dorrek VII, she eventually took his place as Skrull Empress and orchestrated the secret invasion.

If this is accurate, and the show sticks to the source material, there’s a chance that Clarke will pose as Jessica Drew, aka Spider-Woman, on the ground.

The plot details are still hidden, but we know the show will follow the comic book’s basic premise by focusing on “an infiltration of Skrulls on Earth” (no big surprises there). The cast will also include Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury, Cobie Smulders as Maria Hill, Ben Mendelsohn as Talos and Olivia Coleman in an undisclosed role.

Thomas Bezucha (COM)Let him go) and Ali SelimThe looming tower) has been used to direct the upcoming miniseries written by Kyle Bradstreet (Sir. Robot). No official release date has been set.

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