DREAM THEATER’s JAMES LABRIE addresses allegations of lip-syncing from the stage

There have been rumors about Dream theater vocalist James LaBrie lip sync live lately, and LaBrie do not have it. During a show on March 18 at the Bayou Music Center in Houston, TX, LaBrie went into a brief altercation about the charges and said he has never been lip-synced in his entire life.

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“How the hell are we all doing? I want to fucking clarify something right now, okay? People have said I’m fucking lip syncing? Fuck you. I’ve never been lip-syncing in my entire life … Fucking, what is what’s wrong with people online? I’m sorry but come on fuck and show me what I’m doing wrong. Fuck off. [tour] ben… okay, I’m done. “

According to Blabbermouth, these rumors stem from recent performances where fans felt LaBrie was secretly addicted to backing tracks and did not actually sing for shows. While there are definitely pre-recorded vocal tracks that play through some of Dream theater the vocalist’s performance, it seems they’re just your standard problem backing tracks (harmonies, etc.) and not a list to allow LaBrie not to sing his parts. Fans have specifically pointed to appearances of “Bridges In The Sky” as again – it sounds like there are definitely some regular backing tracks in there, but it doesn’t seem like lip-syncing.

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