Dolly Parton ‘in talks’ for musical biography – and the eyes are a big star

Here she comes again.

Dolly Parton, 76, recently shared that although she has long considered making a musical biopic or theatrical production that tells the story of her nearly 66-year career, the project – like most other things – was delayed due to coronavirus.

“I’ve talked about making my Broadway musical, and we were really, really far ahead of it, and then COVID hit, and it changed my mind about a lot of things,” Parton admitted during a recent appearance on “Mr “Nashville Talks.”

However, the music legend and the famous philanthropist have not given up hope of seeing it come to life in some form.

“I intend to be on Broadway one day, but now I think I might be able to make my life story as a feature,” she said of possibly making a movie. “Maybe maybe even a musical feature, so we’m talking about it.”

Parton previously gave hope to other actresses, saying the project would likely need more women to portray her during her big six-decade success as an entertainer.

“We should probably have – as long as my career has been – as a little Dolly and one between Dolly and then the older one,” she said in a 2021 interview with Southern Living magazine.

But a talented singer is practically a shoo-in to repeat her iconic blonde bomb look and smart classics as one of the Dolly doppelgangers.

“I love Kristin Chenoweth,” Parton said of the 53-year-old, award-winning Broadway star in a 2020 Marie Claire interview. “She’s just absolutely amazing.”

Dolly Parton and Kristin Chenoweth smile for a picture together
Both Parton and Chenoweth have expressed their enthusiasm and desire to work together on the project.

Fortunately for fans of that dream casting, Parton is not the only one excited about the eagerly awaited project. Chenoweth has also opened up about his enthusiasm for starring as “Backwoods Barbie” and even gave fans a pseudo-audition.

During a performance on “The Kelly Clarkson Show” in 2021, guest host Jay Leno Chenoweth asked if she plans to star as Parton in a musical, pointing out that she clearly has the voice – both speaking and singing – for the role.

“Well, I want to. I’m missing a few things – and I think we both know what they are,” she said, pointing with her hands close to her breasts.

She noted that Parton has discussed her hopes that the “Wicked” star will portray her, but shared that there were no solid plans for the project.

“Dolly, hurry up! I’m ready!” said Chenoweth to the camera. “I just grew up listening to her, and you know I’m doing a pretty good …” before making a perfect imitation of Parton’s classic hit “Here You Come Again.”

She then switched things up and sweetly sang a few lines of “Jolene,” apparently proving her right to be cast as Parton’s replica.

Dolly Parton comments on her business acumen in a new interview with People magazine.  The country music icon claims she's not one "pushover" when it comes to the expectations she has for her employees.
Dolly Parton is still hoping to make a production about her six-decade career in the entertainment industry.
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