Dog droppings causing chaos | Brimbank & North West

By Olivia Condous

Brimbank sports clubs are facing an unpleasant issue, due to residents neglecting to clean up dog droppings left on sporting fields.

North Sunshine Football Club president Rob Telfer said club volunteers were forced to spend extra time picking up dog droppings multiple times per week.

“Tuesday and Thursday nights, before training, there’s always dog excrement left on the ground, as well as Saturdays before the game,” Mr Telfer said.

“Everyone is time-poor pretty much, and that’s just another job to add to it.”

Mr Telfer said the time volunteers spent picking up after residents’ dogs amounted to an extra hour of work per week for each person.

“If we miss it, it’s not good if someone falls in it.”

He said residents who use the sporting grounds to exercise their dogs should treat the space with more respect or keep their dogs on a lead to ensure they knew about any droppings.

“Treat it like it’s your front door, because you want to clean it up if it was there,” Mr Telfer said.

While the club hadn’t had any injuries caused by slips in dog droppings, it had experienced refusal to pick up after pets when asked.

“It’s an interesting one because you can ask them to do it, but you can’t make someone,” Mr Telfer said.

Brimbank mayor Jasmine Nguygen said residents needed to be aware that not cleaning up after their pets could result in them receiving a $400 fine from council for littering.

“Remember, it’s an offence if you don’t clean up after your dog as it’s considered littering,” Cr Nguygen said.

“Brimbank provides a range of vibrant parks where dog owners can get exercise and enjoy outdoor activities with their pets.

“Responsible pet owners must always clean up after their dog to ensure all community members continue to enjoy these wonderful spaces.”

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