Disney Mirrorverse announces launch date, debuts action-packed trailer

Disney is releasing a new trailer for their long-awaited action-RPG Mirrorverse, confirming that fans will be able to play the game in June.

The long awaited mobile RPG Disney Mirrorverse has an official release date.

Developer Kabam debuted a new trailer for its upcoming crossover game that highlights the skewed reality of Mirrorverse. Players will step into the titular realm and discover battle-ready versions of their favorite Disney and Pixar characters, all assembled to ward off an indescribable evil known as Fractured. Fans can expect to see unique variations of iconic heroes and villains from a wide variety of franchises, including Monster’s Inc., Tangled, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Beauty and the Beast and Big Hero 6 just to name a few.

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At launch, the game will include an extensive single-player campaign that will span a variety of iconic worlds and locations. Players will need to effectively use their available Mirrorverse Guardians to create synergistic teams to crush Fractured in real-time combat. As characters gain experience, they can be strengthened to ensure that their abilities can compete with the enemy’s ever-increasing strength. Progress through the game will unlock new masters, meaning players will always be able to try unique team compositions and strategies. Players can also expect monthly updates that add new Guardians, story chapters and event quests.

Talking to CBR, Disney Mirrorverse executive producer Mark Raham noted that the goal of the game was to give fans an experience that was both unique and familiar. “We really wanted to dig into what makes these characters so special and iconic,” Raham said. “We wanted to push them out of their comfort zone and ask, ‘What would these heroes (and villains) do when faced with this overwhelming threat?” “As players evolve through MirroredRaham promises that they will be treated to an in-depth story that gets to the root of the guardians’ characters. “You know, Sully (Monsters Inc.) is an incredibly powerful character. He wants to protect everyone around him, even if it puts him in danger. We took that idea, the core of Sully, and played with it. Where does it come from? How does it work in combat? “

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Raham went on to clarify that the same principle was used in the design of the unique aesthetic Mirrored sign. “When we were working on their designs, we had to … we wanted to imagine what these characters would look like in battle,” Raham said. “So their designs … they’re inspired by how fans remember them, but they’re skewed to the occasion. Belle (Beauty and the beast) still looks like Belle, but she has this cool staff to help her allies and leather boots and a cloak to keep her safe. “Raham notes that Kabam broke down the iconic symbols on his list of characters and found original ways to implement it. in their outfits, such as the rose that sits on top of Belle’s staff Mirrored will have plenty of unique designs, Raham confirmed that players will not be able to change the look of their masters but can customize their profiles.

“Ultimately, we wanted to make something that players will love and will hold for years,” Raham concluded. “At Kabam, we’re big fans of Disney and Pixar, and we really wanted to do these movies justice and at the same time give fans something new that makes them come back and have fun. That’s always the goal.”

Disney Mirrorverse launches for Android and iOS on June 23rd. Players can pre-register for the game now.

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