Desperate Katie Price lowers OnlyFans price days before Carl Woods goes to court

Katie Price has once again lowered her OnlyFans rates in an attempt to get more subscribers, a few days before her fiancé Carl Woods is due to appear in court after it was delayed

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Katie Price announces that she has halved her OnlyFans costs

Desperate Katie Price has cut her OnlyFans rates by 50 percent in an attempt to get more people to subscribe to her site just 24 hours before lover Carl Woods is on trial.

The former glamor model, 43, promoted her profile on her Instagram story on Tuesday as she begged her 2.7 million followers to sign up to see her violent content.

Sitting in a chair with a full face of makeup, Katie exclaimed, “Boys, can you do one thing for me?

“Subscribe to my OnlyFans channel. It’s that easy!

“Just go to the link below. You’ll get to see the real Katie Price. Raw content, photoshoots, my life.”

It happens when her fiancé Carl Woods is due to appear in court tomorrow after being charged by police under section 4 of the Public Order Act.

Katie Price begged fans to subscribe to her OnlyFans page


@ katieprice / Instagram)

He was originally due in court on March 10, but it was pushed back to Wednesday, March 23.

The 33-year-old will appear in Colchester Magistrates’ Court.

Essex Police confirmed last month that the former Love Island star has been charged under Section 4 of the Public Order Act following an arrest in August last year. The force confirmed today that there were no changes in the charge.

Katie and Carl have been the subject of much criticism during their time together, and most recently, Carl has lashed out at the people who accused him of beating Katie, claiming he is a victim of lies.

He began a lengthy statement on his Instagram story by writing: “Now it’s my turn, everything I say I have evidence”.

She desperately wants people to subscribe to her content


@ katieprice / Instagram)

He went on to insist that his accusation had nothing to do with the alleged assault on Katie last year and that it actually referred to an altercation they had on the street in which he admits he used “fear language”.

Carl said in a video on his Instagram Story: “So everyone who sends me messages and says, ‘Oh, you attacked Katie, you did this, the truth is out’ – no, the truth is not out. It’s not out at all. “

He added: “Look at what has been written, nowhere has it said that I have been accused of assaulting Katie, they have not said that. No one has said that I have been accused of coercive behavior, no one has said it, for it is not true, it has not happened. “

He continued: “I want to tell you now, I was accused of public order [offence]”Yes, I have been, Katie and I quarreled in the street, yes, I used ugly language, I was charged with it okay, it’s a crime, nothing to do with anything else.”

Katie with Carl Woods



He went on to insist that he has evidence, and continued: “I did not put a finger on her, well, I have never forcibly controlled her, anyone who thinks you can control Katie Price, you have to be away from your head, for you can not, well. ”

He continued: “There are lots and lots of things I have that absolutely cover me up and prove that I am completely and utterly innocent, so it comes – factual evidence, black and white, indisputable, okay, undeniable.”

While talking to the camera, Katie can hear him in the background saying outside the camera, “You’ve never done anything to me, ever.”

She also exclaims, “I never called the police on you, nothing, never.”

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