Derek Carr: I’m sure Baker Mayfield will love that moment for the rest of his life

Las Vegas Raiders v Los Angeles Rams

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Raiders quarterback Derek Carr looked shellshocked after Thursday night’s loss to the Rams, but he had to give credit to the quarterback who beat him.

Carr acknowledged that Rams quarterback Baker Mayfield, who was claimed on waivers Tuesday and led the Rams to a 17-16 comeback win on Thursday, deserved to celebrate that moment forever.

“It’s tough, but it’s the NFL. These are professionals. There’s really cool stories and cool moments for some guys, and I’m sure Baker will love that moment for the rest of his life,” Carr said.

Carr said it’s remarkable that Mayfield could come in and learn enough of the playbook in 48 hours to lead the Rams to a win.

“It’s professional football, you’re going to get everybody’s best no matter who’s playing,” Carr said.

Mayfield certainly gave it his best, in a loss that was thrilling for the Rams and embarrassing for the Raiders.