Deion Sanders accuses the NFL of ignoring HBCUs in the draft

Jackson State University football coach Deion Sanders on the field

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Jackson State coach Deion Sanders believes the NFL needs to do a better job of recognizing the talent that comes out of Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

Sanders said yesterday at Jackson State’s Pro Day that while he was happy to see 22 teams represented, he was not happy with the 10 NFL teams that did not send scouts to see his players. Sanders also said last year’s draft, which did not see a single player from an HBCU draft, was unacceptable.

“It’s not going to happen again. It’s never going to happen again. I know we have an excuse for the pandemic year, but it’s not going to happen again. My wish is 7-10 players this year drafted, so we’re trying to double that, and then the sky will be the limit, ”Sanders told the NFL Network.

Sanders said he wants more exposure to HBCUs, and said Jackson State’s spring game will be televised this year. He also said he wants HBCU players – not just Jackson State players, but players from other HBCUs – to participate in the draft.

“I need at least four of our schools and their coaches represented, to bring the player they think is draftable, we have to bring them to the draft. Because I want the kids to see it. “I want them to feel it, I want them to touch it, I want them to see it live so they can say, ‘I can do that,'” Sanders said. “NFL Network , come on, make it happen. “

Sanders has done an outstanding job at Jackson State, winning this year’s SWAC Coach of the Year last year and then astonishing the world of college football recruitment by convincing Travis Hunter, considered by some to be the best single player in this year’s recruiting class, to to reject Florida State and attend Jackson State. And now Sanders has bigger plans for how he will create awareness for his program and other HBCU programs.

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