Deathstroke concept art for Ben Affleck’s canceled ‘Batman’ movie revealed

The new Batman movie Batman, who plays Robert Pattinson in the title role, was almost a completely different film. In fact, the project first began as a solo film for Ben Affleck’s message Batman. For various reasons, however, this recording was canceled and we ended up with Matt Reeves’ new blockbuster instead. Although things seem to have succeeded in the end, it’s quite surprising to see how far into development Ben Affleck’s Batman film var. In fact, concept art recently emerged that showed what his Batman costume would have looked like. Now fans can see concept art of what the supervillain Deathstroke would have looked like in the canceled one Batman movie.

This concept art by Deathstroke comes via artist Keith Christensen on Instagram. This version of the character would have been for Joe Manganiello, who only had the opportunity to play Deathstroke for a few moments through the current DCEU. Interestingly, he would have been a key villain for Ben Afflecks Batman movie. And looking at the concept art, he certainly looks like he would have been a formidable enemy of the Dark Knight.

Here is the artwork:

Keith Christensen also shared the following caption with the art:

“My design for Deathstroke from the Ben Affleck version of The Batman.”

Of course, the DCEU is still going on, albeit in a very different direction. Ben Affleck is set to repeat his role as Bruce Wayne aka Batman in the upcoming film Lightning, with people like Michael Keaton. As such, there is always a chance that Joe Manganiello could still get a chance to play Deathstroke again. However, whether this will happen in the near future is unknown. But at this point, it certainly seems like anything is possible for the expanding DCEU.

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