Days of rain ahead for NSW as cold front brings ‘sustained showers and storms’ to east coast

Residents of flood-ravaged communities across New South Wales being warned to be on guard as the state faces days rain.

A cold front is bringing “sustained showers and storms” to parts of eastern Australia, the Bureau of Meteorology reports.

Up to 100 millimeters of rain can fall over NSW in four days.
Up to 100 millimeters of rain can fall over NSW in four days. (Well)
“Over the next four days, parts of the NSW coast could see up to 100 mm of rain,” BoM said.

“Check forecasts, monitor alerts.”

Senior meteorologist Jonathan How said the wet weather will last for the next seven days.

Rain will fall over NSW for the next seven days. (9NEWS / Paul Riethmuller)
“This is the news that no one in NSW wants to hear right now … across eastern NSW there is plenty of wet weather waiting,” he said. Today.

“We are ready for another seven days of showers, rains and storms starting from today, really anywhere north of Wollongong up towards Sydney and the Northern Rivers as well.”

Rain activity is expected to increase from Thursday, with heavy rainfall occurring over restored flood zones in northeastern NSW by Friday.

“We expect 50 to 100 mm over the next seven days, but isolated places can see 200 mm fall from tomorrow and into the weekend,” said Mr. How.

“Sydney is currently experiencing its fourth wettest March ever. This upcoming rainfall could push it into the top three.”

The rain, driven by a cold front, is expected to continue next week.
The rain, driven by a cold front, is expected to continue next week. (Weather zone)

Weather zone said flooding is possible.

“At this stage, parts of Queensland and NSW will be affected and some areas are likely to see heavy rainfall, possibly enough to cause flooding,” it said.

Road broken in half by floods

That’s what the weather is doing around the country’s capitals today.

Brisbane will experience a sunny 31C day today.

Sun protection is recommended from 8:20 to 15:20 as the UV index is expected to reach nine.

Sydney is waiting for a cloudy, rainy day. Five to 10 mm of rain is expected.

There is also a risk of thunderstorms, mostly in the morning and early afternoon.

The temperature reaches 24 degrees.

A shower or two will also be felt in Canberra. A total rainfall of two mm is expected.

There is a risk of thunderstorms early this morning.

A low point of 15C will be felt before a maximum of 27C.

The mercury will rise to 19C in Melbourne, which has a chance of an early shower.

BoM said there is a medium chance of showers in the northern and eastern suburbs in the morning and a small chance elsewhere.

The rain subsides only in the afternoon.

There is a small chance of showers in Hobart today.

The city will experience a low point of 11C before the temperature rises to 17C.

It will be a partly cloudy day in Adelaide with temperatures expected to rise to 22C.

Darwin residents can expect a shower or two as well as a possible storm today, most likely in the morning.

Temperatures will rise to 33C.

And it’s going to be a sunny 29C day in Perth.

Sun protection is recommended from 9:10 to 15:40 as the UV index is expected to reach eight.

The wind will tend east to southeast with 20 to 30 km / h. Gusts of wind up to 60 km / h are possible around the hills and the foothills in the morning.

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