David Koch strikes back at Scott Morrison over answers to the history of trash cans

Sunrise host David Koch has been involved in an airstrike with Scott Morrison after the prime minister tried to answer a light-hearted question by talking about Australia’s unemployment rate.

During the interview on Channel 7’s Sunrise, Koch ended the segment by asking Mr Morrison about a “lustful story” about the Sydney Council threatening to not empty the rubbish of a resident who has pasted anti-ScoMo stickers on his rubbish bins.

The stickers show Mr Morrison holding a lump of coal up in Parliament accompanied by the phrase “bin ham”.

When Koch asked Mr Morrison what he thought of it, the Prime Minister immediately tried to distract.

“I will leave that to Hornsby’s mayor,” Mr Morrison said before continuing.

“What I’m focusing on is making sure our economic plans continue to work, unemployment falling by four percent,” he said.

Koch talked over him and said “yeah yeah yeah”.

“No David, no yes, yes yes. These are serious things,” Mr Morrison replied.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Sunrise host David Koch were involved in an on-air bust on Wednesday.
Camera iconPrime Minister Scott Morrison and Sunrise host David Koch had a few tense moments during Wednesday morning’s interview. Credit: Channel 7

Koch shot back: “It’s serious, but you had said it before. We’re trying to end with something a little frivolous.”

“I will let him (the mayor of Hornsby) take care of taking out the bins. I will continue to strengthen the economy,” Mr Morrison said in response.

Koch made a farewell remark when he said goodbye to the Prime Minister: “We must all keep smiling”.

Video still image of Sydney Council trash cans with anti-Scott Morrison stickers on.  Image: Sunrise
Camera iconSydney trash cans with anti-Scott Morrison messages. Sunrise Credit: Delivered

Hornsby Shire Council Mayor Philip Ruddock defended his council’s decision not to empty the bins on Wednesday.

He told that 2GB stickers of any kind were not allowed “on public furniture”.

“Political advertising should be done on private property,” he said.

Earlier in his Channel 7 interview, Mr Morrison had been asked about opposition leader Anthony Albanese’s refusal to convene an independent inquiry into allegations of bullying by the late Senator Kimberley Kitching.

Sir. Morrison also used his $ 5.4 billion announcement for the Hells Gate dam project.

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