Craig Thomson arrested after the former Labor MP allegedly broke AVO

A prominent former federal member has been arrested for allegedly violating a legal protection order involving his ex-wife.

Former federal lawmaker Craig Thomson was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly violating an arrest warrant (AVO) order involving his ex-wife.

The arrest was made in Wamberal on the NSW Central Coast, just hours after Mr Thomson pleaded guilty to charges of domestic violence.

On Tuesday, the 57-year-old admitted to having sent 140 emails to his ex-wife, two of whom were threatening, ABC reported.

Thomson was reportedly at odds with a new AVO that the court had imposed on him as a result of Tuesday’s hearing.

He was taken to Gosford Police Station, where he helps with police investigations.

An early admission of guilt, a letter of apology that he had no criminal history in NSW and the fact that he did not try to evade responsibility were all taken into account in sentencing Thomson to an 18-month suspended release. , according to ABC.

Judge Michael Antrum said the two threatening emails were of utmost concern, calling them an “open and calculated use of technology aimed at intimidating and harassing the victim”.

“People have the right to be free from technical interference,” the judge said.

Thomson also pleaded guilty in three previous cases of breach of AVOs.

The police prosecutor described Thomson as a “manifest violation of court order”.

Thomson was elected a member of Dobell on the NSW Central Coast in the 2007 election.

In 2012, he was suspended by the Labor Party and jerked off, after which he ran as an independent candidate and lost.

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