COVID-19 case numbers from across states and territories

Here’s a quick snapshot of each Australian jurisdiction’s latest COVID-19 statistics today – Saturday, April 16th.

You can get a more detailed, visual overview through ABC’s Charting the Spread story right here.

This will be updated throughout the day, so if you can not see your state or territory, check back later.

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Victoria has recorded eight more COVID-related deaths.

There are 403 patients in the hospital after getting the virus, the first time that number has risen to over 400 since mid-February.

Of these patients, 21 are in intensive care units and eight receive ventilation.

There were 9,559 new cases reported across the state.

About 70 percent of Victorian adults have now received at least three doses of a COVID-19 vaccine.


New South Wales

NSW has registered 18 new COVID-related deaths.

The state has registered an additional 13,601 new cases.

There are 1,491 people with COVID-19 in the hospital, with 72 patients in the intensive care unit.



Tasmania has not registered any new COVID-related deaths since yesterday.

There have been 1,334 new cases, down from 1,489 yesterday.

There are 48 people with the virus in the hospital, 20 of whom are being treated specifically for COVID-19 symptoms. One person is in the intensive care unit.

Northern Territory

NT has registered 391 new cases of COVID-19 within 24 hours until

There are currently 28 patients in the hospital, nine of whom are in need of oxygen.

The number of active cases in the NT is 3,076.


Queensland has registered one new COVID-related death.

The state registered 5,878 new cases, bringing the total number of active cases to 49,009.

There are 538 people with COVID-19 in the hospital, of which 22 are in the intensive care unit.


South Australia

South Australia has registered one new COVID-related death.

There are 223 people with COVID-19 in the hospital, eight of whom are in the intensive care unit and one patient in need of a ventilator.

The state registered 3,749 new cases and has 32,105 active cases.


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