Council commits to plastic cuts

Wyndham council has committed to reducing single use plastics and is encouraging all residents and businesses in the municipality to get involved.

About one million tonnes of the country’s yearly plastic use is single-use plastic and only 13 per cent is recycled, according to data from the department of climate change, energy, the environment and water.

Wyndham council city operations director Stephen Thorpe said council has targeted the removal of six plastic items, including water bottles, bags, cutlery, straws, coffee cups and lids.

“We’ve decided to target these plastic items due to their disposable nature and they are commonly found littering our streets and waterways,” he said.

“Council has committed to eliminating single use plastics at our facilities and events and we encourage all members of our community to follow.”

Mr Thorpe said council’s plastic wise program helps to not only reduce litter and the amount of waste sent to landfill, but also our reliance on single use plastics.

“There are many benefits for businesses to join Plastic Wise Wyndham, including decreased packaging costs over time, a reduction in your carbon footprint, the ability to attract new customers who want to support a business making a difference and reduced landfill and litter,” Mr Thorpe said.

“We encourage all our businesses to get involved and help eliminate waste and plastics that are environmentally unfriendly.”