Collaboration leads to a book with aerial photos of Scituate

The enormous splendor of Scituate’s scenic coastline can only really be appreciated from above. A new book, “Seacoast Scituate By Air”, offers views without having to board a plane.

A photo of tidal streams in the North River Marsh, illustrating nature's art forms from a 1,000-foot perspective.

The book is a collaboration between three Scituate residents – historian / author Lyle Nyberg and pilots / aerial photographers Bill Richardson and Gary Banks.

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“This is the first scenic study of Scituate’s fascinating sea coast,” Nyberg said. “Here are 70 gorgeous photos in color. They cover almost all the coastal areas of Scituate from north to south including Glades, Minot Beach, Scituate Harbor with its lighthouse from 1811, Peggotty Beach, North River and all four cliffs – all the way down to Marshfield. It also weaves into the centuries-long stories of these places. “

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