Cody Simpson’s mum Angie weighs in on her son’s ‘love triangle’ with Emma McKeon and swimmer Kyle Chalmers

Cody Simpson’s mum Angie and sister Alli have weighed in on the singer-turned-swimmer’s love triangle with Emma McKeon and Kyle Chalmers.

Appearing on Sunrise live from the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, Angie and Allie told hosts David Koch and Nat Barr that the former singer’s background in the spotlight — particularly his relationship with Miley Cryus — made him uniquely qualified to handle his private life making global headlines.

Camera IconCody Simpson and Emma McKeon went Insta official in July. Credit: Quinn Rooney/Getty Images

“I think he has been lucky because he has had so much history with press and media before, performing on stage for thousands of people,” Angie said.

“So I think the pressures of what he has dealt with in camp and at the Commonwealth Games has been pretty easy for him.

“It has given him an advantage to deal with a lot of those stresses and not let that stuff bother him.”

Alli added: “I think he’s used to it, growing up from a very young age in the entertainment world a lot of this stuff is what comes with it, the public eye and the public world.”

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