Customers say fun …

Customers say fun … Mark FletcherMay 2nd, 2021 No response Newspress stores were offered access to two limited mint coins to celebrate the Queen’s th th birthday. The available allocation was taken quickly. So, a few days ago, the coin was returned. It never left the mint, not just for News Express but for all … Read more

Tesla only switches autopilot systems to optical

Tesla finalized its transition off the radar for auto pilot features, with all new Model and and Model Y vehicles sold in North America with optical driver support. In Blog post, The manufacturer said that the short-term limitations on the “Tesla Vision” pave the way for higher performance on the road. Radar and lidar systems … Read more

Lakefield National Park Exploration: Found by Cameron Wilson and Can Whitfield Hawale

Update: Two missing persons have been found in Lakefield National Park. Cameron Wilson, 311, of Trinity Park and Cairns Whitified, 223, of Cairns North, were in a private helicopter at 10 a.m. “They exist, they look safe and well, doing well,” said a Queensland police spokesman. The rescuers have not yet reached the ground physically. … Read more

Morrison’s Higgins research covers a very open

In Morrison’s government, it seems that it is not important to know who knew who – or when – when. Britney Higgins It can happen to all of us. Details such as alleged evidence of rape, justice for the victim, the rapist is still large, or government ministers are only interested in protecting their own … Read more

DAMBIG – APAM meeting at APD

The Australian Performing Arts Market (APAM) brings together local, national and international producers, exhibitors and creators to host their gathering at the Dreambieg Children’s Festival. Share Tweet Share LinkedIn Email Thursday May 2, 2021 Photos Photos View in gallery mode Thursday May 2, 2021 Photos Photos

Twisted Minds Podcast: Inside the heads of Australia’s worst criminals

Twisted Minds takes listeners into the world of forensic psychology and the black inspiration of Australia’s most heinous crimes. You will meet forensic psychologist Dr. Susan Pullman. The last betrayal he committed was the murder of a child killer, Daniel Kelsel. Prison interviewers and IT-worker David Reid will discuss the tragic incident that woke up … Read more

Cricky Worm: City in Tenterhooks

Good morning, early birds. Victoria’s cabinet met last night to discuss the alleged five-day lockout, and Federal Labor spokesman Scott Morrison said. In a one-year phase of billions of dollars, middle- and high-income earners have come close to supporting three tax cuts. This is the news you need to know Chris Woods. (Image: AAP / … Read more

Download: Hot Coast Gold Coast Guide to the City’s Best Home Land

Customers looking for a quality home in Bullely Heads should not miss the opportunity to check out the 1 De Deoder Drive this weekend. The Palm Springs-inspired new-construction home is something out of the ordinary, not least because it is styled by insects and bugs and will be sold out in full. Named Palms, the … Read more

According to reports, Brad Pitt shared custody of his children with Angelina Jolie

Brad Pitt has been taken into joint custody of his children with Angelina Jolie over a long court battle between the two. Brad Pitt was granted joint custody of his children with Angelina Jolie after a long court battle between the divorcing couple. Pitt fought for the equal rights of his six children for almost … Read more

Biden urges U.S. international authorities to investigate, not enough information to refute laboratory leak theory

US President Joe Biden The U.S. intelligence community has been urged to “double” the cause of the COVID-1 p epidemic. He said there was insufficient evidence to conclude “whether it came from human contact with an infected animal or from a laboratory accident.” Biden said in a statement Wednesday (AST) that the majority of the … Read more

Tex Walker has a cracking AFL season – this is how Adelaide helps rebuild

With only a minute left at the Adelaide Oval, you can cut the tension with a knife. On one side is Melbourne, unbeaten in their first nine games. The Adelaide Cows, on the other hand, were supported by the parochial house crowd and were spoiled for another distraction. The monsters still lead, but the crows … Read more