U.S. Navy Award Huntington Agreements for REMUS 300 unmanned underwater vehicle

The U.S. Navy has announced that it has entered into an agreement with Huntington Eagles, the largest US military shipbuilder, for two Rames un00 unmanned underwater vehicles (UVs). “The Rames UVs have been used by the US military for more than 20 years as part of their defense operations,” said Duane Fodriham, chairman of HEI’s … Read more

Australian spy novelist Yang Henjun faces Chinese espionage test Censorship News

Melbourne, Australia Yang Henjun, a Chinese-Australian national, is expected to stand trial in China on Thursday on charges of espionage and acting as a spy for the Australian government. In a letter written in March and issued on the eve of the trial, it was Yang Stokey. In the letter, which was published in the … Read more

Nigeria feared more than 150 1,150 in Duga accident

“The capacity was not up to 1 it0 passengers he took,” local officials said. (Representation) Kano, Nigeria: More than 1,150 people are missing and feared drowning after passengers drowned in the Niger River in northwestern Nigeria on Wednesday, local officials said. The boat was traveling between Midwestern Niger State and Wara, in the west-west KB … Read more

Set for Asia Stock Mixed Open; China’s industrial profit data ahead of April

SINGAPORE – Shares in the Asia-Pacific region saw a mixed start on Thursday as investors awaited data on Chinese industrial profits for April. Futures pointed lower for Japanese stocks. The Nikkei Futures contract was at 28 28,585 in Chicago while its equivalent was 28 28,620 in Osaka. Compared to that Of Nikkei 225 Closed at … Read more

Melbourne to know whether the Victoria Cowid outbreak is strictly prohibited or lockdown

Following an important 2 hours Melbourne Residents are expected to know if the outbreak could trigger another lockdown or fresh Covid-1 trigger restrictions. Victoria’s acting chief James Merlino feared a possible shutdown on Wednesday morning when reports of the Whitlia cluster in the northern part of Melbourne reached 115. Merlino said the next 24 hours … Read more

Stephen Hockey’s archives, the office acquired for the public in the UK

London: It University of Cambridge Library and LondonThe Science Museum said Wednesday that they have received a large collection of late physicist items Stephen Hockey., From his personalized wheelchair to landmark documents in theoretical physics and his script from his appearance in “Lipison”. The entire contents of the hockey king’s office in Cambridge – his … Read more

Russia is the disruptive king on Facebook, the company said

Of Facebook ReportPublished Wednesday, shows how foreign and domestic secret influence operators have changed their tactics and become more sophisticated in response to efforts by social media companies to influence fake accounts and influence operations. Facebook has removed more than 1,150 counterfeit networks that have been coordinated since 2017, the report said. Twenty-seven networks are … Read more

Russia develops new single-engine fighter aircraft

Russian aircraft maker Sukhoi is developing the next generation of single-engine fighter, an industry source told the Tass news agency. According to Tass, the Russian state aerospace company Sukhoi is now developing a new light strategic fighter aircraft. “Sukhoi Company is developing a single engine light strategic plane with a single ton take off weight. … Read more

Joe Biden orders an intelligence report on Kovid origin within 0 days

Biden’s order indicates growing controversy over how the virus first appeared (FILE) Washington: President Joe Biden on Wednesday ordered the US intelligence agency to report to China for the first time in three months that the Covid 1 virus had been used from an animal source or from a laboratory accident in China. “We must … Read more