Sudden success means enormous pressure, as Emma Raducanu learns in defeat to world champion No100

Success, especially sudden success, comes with enormous pressure. And great tennis relies on loose, fluid movements. With a little time, imagine Raducanu will learn coping mechanisms and restore the joyous sense of freedom we saw in New York. The public went out of their way to inspire a woman who has become a fan favorite … Read more

Activists keep chasing moderate Democrat Kyrsten Sinema

Progressive activists have continued to attack Kyrsten Sinema after the moderate Democrat refused to approve every aspect of the Biden administration’s agenda. Ms. Sinema has been accosted numerous times this week, most infamously when she tried to go to the bathroom while teaching at Arizona State University. Activists are angry Senator Sinema does not support … Read more

Brazilians aim for pre-pandemic normality as death toll exceeds 600,000

Brazil appears determined to return to pre-pandemic normalcy even if the death toll exceeds 600,000, according to official data released Friday from the health ministry. Help with both COVID-19 cases and deaths was especially welcome, given expert warnings that the delta variant would spark another wave of destruction in the country’s second-highest casualty rate. So … Read more

China’s Xi calls for peaceful reunification with Taiwan

TAIPEI, TAIWAN: Chinese leader Xi Jinping said on Saturday reunification with Taiwan must happen and will happen peacefully, despite an increase in China’s threats to attack the island. Xi spoke at an official celebration at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, which largely focused on the need for the ruling Communist Party to … Read more

WATCH: New That Girl Lay Lay And Young Dylan Video Features

two of Nickelodeon’s biggest new sensations team up for an epic project. That Girl Lay Lay and Young Dylan are releasing their new single “I’m That” through all major digital streaming platforms. RELATED: BET Breaks: Nickelodeon Classics Now Streamable That Girl Lay Lay, also known as the 14-year-old Houston native Alaya High, signed her deal … Read more

Actress Diane Keaton teams up with Justin Bieber for latest music video ‘Ghost’ | Video

In the strangest pairs, Diane Keaton and Justin Bieber have teamed up to shine in an emotional video clip for his new song, ‘Ghost’. Bieber dropped the music video on Friday, which stars him alongside the Oscar-winning actress as they reenact the sweet relationship between grandson and grandmother. Diane Keaton stars with Justin Bieber in … Read more

Nuclear submarine collides with a foreign object

The U.S. Navy has reported that its nuclear-powered attack submarine collided with a foreign object in international waters in the Indo-Pacific region last Saturday, leaving no casualties. “The USS Connecticut submarine is still safe and stable, and the nuclear propulsion plant has not been affected,” the US Pacific Fleet said in a statement reported by … Read more

International Criminal Court judges ask UN for help in identifying who represents Afghanistan

People wait outside a hospital where injured people have been sent after an explosion targeted the Eidgah Mosque in Kabul. Bilal Guler/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images The International Criminal Court said Friday it cannot rule on a prosecutor’s request to resume an investigation into war crimes in Afghanistan until it can decide who will represent … Read more

Manpower Minister Gives New Closer Pofma Direction To SDP, Political News & Top Stories

SINGAPORE – The Minister of Manpower issued a new correction directive to the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) under the fake news law on Friday evening (October 8). This came after the Court of Appeal set aside part of an original designation to the opposition party over a lie related to the employment situation in Singapore. … Read more

Movie of the week.. The Adams Family 2 The Adams Family 2

Duration: 1 hour and 35 minutes. Type: cartoons. the story: In the second part of the animated film “The Adams Family”, the Adams family gets into funny adventures with strange characters. Directed and written by: Greg Tiernan, Konrad Vernon. acting: Oscar Isaac, Charlize Theron, Chloe Grace Moretz, Nick Kroll. Watch it in Reel Cinemas: … Read more

US trade chief talks to Chinese counterpart in test of bilateral engagement

US Trade Representative Katherine Tai held a phone call with her Chinese counterpart, Vice Premier Liu He, on Friday to test whether bilateral relations with Beijing could address US complaints about China’s trade and subsidy practices, a USTR official said. The call marks the second time Tai and Liu have spoken and it follows Tai’s … Read more

Family in line with church after development plans put their son’s grave in residents’ yard

The parents of a little boy buried in a graveyard have scrapped plans to convert a historic 12th-century church into a luxury home — because his grave would end up in a family’s yard. Disagreements have arisen over proposals to develop St Andrew’s Church into a residence in the quaint hamlet of Wolferlow, Herefordshire. Ian … Read more

Covid: Treasury supports ending free trials in UK – ‘Universal access is not sustainable!’ | UK | News

A Whitehall source who advocates ending mass free testing has suggested the schedule is “unsustainable” given the success of Britain’s vaccination programme. They told the Telegraph: “It has been agreed that universal access is not sustainable or necessary given the high levels of vaccination. “We must now decide what should be the parameters that reasonably … Read more

new discovery reveals how first African American doctor fought for women’s rights in Glasgow

James McCune Smith was the first African American to receive a medical doctorate from a university. Born in 1813 to a poor South Carolina runaway slave who had escaped to New York City, he went on to attend Glasgow University during the 1830s. When he returned to America, he became a leading black physician, a … Read more

Invasive species in the Mediterranean: can Cyprus eat the problem?

Fishermen in Cyprus catch invasive fish from the Indian Ocean and Red Sea instead of calamari, sardines and other traditional staples from beachside tavernas. About 800 exotic species of marine life have entered the Mediterranean through the Suez Canal, posing an acute challenge to Cypriot fisheries. The exotic fish, drawn to the Mediterranean by the … Read more

Maori politician worries New Zealand’s COVID plan is ‘death sentence’ for her people: NPR

New Zealand is moving away from a ‘zero case’ approach to COVID-19. NPR’s Ailsa Chang talks to Maori party co-leader Debbie Ngarewa-Packer about why she’s against the change. AILSA CHANG, HOST: New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern this week scaled back the country’s strict lockdown in Auckland, saying the goal of zero COVID cases is … Read more

Many Indians cannot prove that their loved ones have died from Covid. And that can be a problem

But hospitals in the Indian city of Varanasi ran out of space, oxygen, drugs, tests — everything. “They told us it was bad everywhere and people were laying on the hospital floors and there were no beds at all,” the 33-year-old said. In theory, the program should help people like Srivastava. But experts believe the … Read more