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BBC Breakfast host Carol Kirkwood gave her followers on social media an update on the weather next week. The expert warned that we could expect a steep temperature drop as she urged viewers not to put off their warm clothes despite the sunny conditions this week.

Carol, 59, shared her urgent weather forecast with her 220,800 Twitter followers this morning.

She wrote: “Do not put your warm clothes away yet!

“At the moment it looks like it will be colder next Tuesday / Wednesday.

“For some parts of the UK there will be a temperature drop of 10 degrees compared to @BBCBreakfast xxx today.”

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“Sal and Dan, you may not like this so much, but Tuesday and Wednesday next week – for some of us the temperatures will be 10 degrees lower than they will be today,” Carol explained when she finished. its weather. report.

“Hold on, hold on,” Dan cut in. “Now I’ve put the big coat away Carol, you can not …”

“You must have it out again, Dan!” joked the weather reporter.

Dan continued, “I saw you with your T-shirt yesterday, I thought ‘that’s it, summer is here’.”

He added, “Okay, I’m going to listen to your warning, thank you Carol.”

In the early weather updates, the two presenters had hoped Carol would continue to give them news of sunshine.

Carol had previously said there would be “a lot of sunshine around”.

She went on to add: “It will feel pleasantly warm with gentle breezes.”

As the report concluded, Sally said, “Thank you so much, I love it when Carol talks about sunshine.”

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