BURNING Firefighters battling heath near Greater Manchester

Firefighters are starting a fire on heathland near Greater Manchester. The National Trust says emergency services are working with rangers on-site at Marsden Moor, in West Yorkshire, this afternoon (March 23).

The incident is close to the Cupwith Reservoir, close to the A640 and a few miles from the Oldham border at Saddleworth. It comes just days after crews dealt with another fire on Marsden Moor last Friday at Pule Hill.

Crews tackled a 400m fire area during last Friday’s incident. It follows a long period of dry weather across the country, with the north sunshine over the past week.

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In a post posted around noon. At 3.30pm today a National Trust spokesman Marsden Moor wrote on Twitter: “We are aware of a fire on Marsden Moor, near Cupwith Reservoir. West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service and National Trust Rangers are present.

“Currently, the area is very vulnerable to fires after a long period of dry weather. Please never bring barbecues, campfires or fireworks on the moor. You could risk a fine or even a prison sentence.”

The West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service says they are working with colleagues from Greater Manchester to tackle the fire. A spokesman said: “We have six fire extinguishers present at a heath fire near the Cupwith Reservoir in Huddersfield.

“Crews tackle two fire lines – each one kilometer long. Four blowers, 10 strokes, a larger pump into open water and two wildfires are in use. We are also supported by six pumps and two wildfire units from the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service. “

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