Brett Goldstein teaches the F-word on ‘Sesame Street’ SE

Roy Kent (Brett Goldstein) and Tamir.
Photo: Sesame workshop

Brett Goldstein is on the upcoming season of Sesame Street. Well, such a one. Brett Goldstein, a proven Muppy (the nickname I came up with for Muppet fans) was supposed to go on stage, but Grover does not appear like on Goldstein’s surprisingly soft film podcast. Roy Kent is in the clip from the upcoming season Sesame Street, originally divided on Weekly entertainment. Recreates his dynamics with his niece Phoebe on Ted Lasso, Kent makes cookies with Tamir. And in Sesame Street fashion, the fun activity is actually a crazy trick to teach the unsuspecting toddlers at home a word.

What a word?

Well you asked. “Today’s words begin with the letter f, ”Tamir informs us. No, it’s not “fuck”. Of course, it should not be “fuck”, but apparently the comic suspense for the whole scene is built on the parents or the babysitter at home thinking, I bet Roy Kent really wants him to be able to say “fuck” right now. What is the child thinking at this moment? Fuck, if I know.

So if it’s not the F-word, the Godot of the scene, which F-word is it then?

If you’re like me (a Leo-Cancer tip), you probably thought “friend”. It’s great Sesamgade –y words, good for a two-handed man, like this scene. In an apparent attempt to play to the top of their audience’s intelligence, “friend” is not exactly Word of the Day – worthy, as most of their audience has already captured it. “Food” is another good guess. Roy is wearing an apron, a garment commonly worn while producing the former. And there is food in the scene (cookies). And there is a third bar walk-on role from one Sesame Street basic item actually named after his favorite food (Cookie Monster). Alas, it is not “food”, probably for the same reason as “friend”. I have no children, but I’m pretty sure when they see Sesame Streetthey have already eaten food.

IT IS NOT “FOOTBALL”. Sesame Street is in America, and last time I checked, “football” does not start without dang f. American football? Okay, that’s not it either. Let’s knock a few out f‘s. It’s not “fart”. Wouldn’t that rule if it were? Roy Kent taught some felt 8-year-olds about farts. Anyone guess yet? no it is not Frasier. It is not “finger” or “fingers” or “fist”. It’s not “fire” or “firefighter”. It is not “fiction” or “friction.” It’s not “forest” or “Forrest (Gump).” No, not “friend”, we’ve already talked about it. Write your answers in the comments below. And do not forget to like and subscribe. Today’s words are …

Woah. It would never have guessed. [Looks down the barrel of the camera] Did you?

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