Blockbuster exhibits to see this fall in Canberra

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Calling all art lovers!

We may have said goodbye to the lighting and installations of the Enlighten Festival, but that does not mean we have said goodbye to the art.

In fact, it’s time to see Canberra’s fall / winter blockbuster exhibits – many of which have just opened.

Not sure where to go? Read on.

Ancient Greeks: Athletes, Warriors and Heroes | Australian National Museum

The exhibition in one sentence: Over 170 objects have been traveled to Canberra from the British Museum in London to showcase the competitive nature of the ancient Greek era – from sports to politics and music to warfare.

Why we are excited: The diversity of the exhibition ensures that there is something for everyone. The exhibition of fine jewelry and ceramics has certainly caught our attention!

Things not to miss: An audio tour, narrated by ABC’s Patricia Karvelas, will add an extra dimension to the experience, detailing the stories behind the objects and illuminating more of the fascinating story. For those who are in love with this era – it is a must.

Tickets are required upon entry.

Until 1 May 2022 | National Museum of Australia |

Shakespeare to Winehouse: Icons from National Portrait Gallery, London |National Portrait Gallery, Canberra

The exhibition in one sentence: Some of the world’s most treasured portraits have arrived in Canberra in a once-in-a-lifetime collaboration between the National Portrait Gallery of London and our very own: From Shakespeare to Winehouse, Malala to Diana, the exhibition has brought the finest works to our very own backyard.

Why we are excited: Not only are the subjects of a phenomenal caliber, but the iconic artists responsible for some – think Warhol, Hockney, Freud – are just as remarkable. What a treat!

Things not to miss: There are, of course, the contemporary icons, but the story of the exhibition is simply impossible to miss – the portrait of William Shakespeare (believed to be the only one painted from life) to a portrait from 1575 of Queen Elizabeth I – and you would normally have to to fly to London to see them!

Reservations are required prior to arrival.

Read the full story here.

March 12 – July 17, 2022 | National Portrait Gallery |

4. National Indigenous Art Triennale: Ceremony | National Gallery of Australia

The exhibition in one sentence: The National Indigenous Art Triennial returns to the National Gallery with a program centered around ceremony – a concept central to the creativity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists.

Why we are excited: The exhibition not only provides an opportunity to explore First Nations art from across our nation, but the opening weekend also features art workshops that visitors are welcome to attend. You can find the full program of events here.

Things not to miss: Ceremony artists will participate in several panel discussions over the opening weekend. If you can not attend in person, you can stream them online here and here.

March 26 – July 31, 2022 | National Gallery of Australia |

Akvifer | Belco Arts

The exhibition in one sentence: Art, climate and water are the key components of Belco Arts’ latest program, combining exhibitions and events that respond to the climate crisis.

Why we are excited: It’s art in a new way. Carbon Neutral, an episode on Canberra Contemporary Arts Space featuring works by contemporary artists that leave no CO2 footprint.

Until the end of May 2022 | Belco Arts |

Jeffrey Smart | National Gallery of Australia

The exhibition in one sentence: In 2021, it was 100 years since the Australian artist Jeffrey Smart was born, and to honor the centenary, NGA is showcasing some of his most memorable works.

Why we are excited: It’s smart with a fresh lens. Those who participate will see well-known works in a new way to celebrate their contribution to the global art community.

Things not to miss: For a true immersion in the abstract nature of Smart’s work, the gallery offers a collection of pieces of music that can be listened to as you move through the exhibition. Bring your headphones and your device for access, with further instructions here.

Tickets required.

Until 15 May 2022 | National Gallery of Australia |

Van Gogh live

The exhibition in one sentence: It’s the immersive dream art experience we can not stop talking about – a sea of ​​sunflowers and vivid images that bring Van Gogh to life in a whole new way.

Why we are excited: The Insta capabilities are everything, but the Sensory4TM zone combines music and images of famous Van Gogh works for the ultimate immersive experience.

Things not to miss: The sunflower field in an infinite space! Hi!

Reservations are required prior to arrival.

Until April 10, 2022 | National Triangle at Parkes Place Lawns |

On stage: Spotlight on our performing arts| National Library of Australia

Houston Rogers, Portrait of Sir Robert Helpmann as Oberon [detail]1954,

The exhibition in one sentence: There is no business like showbusiness, and this exhibition brings Australia’s performing arts history to the limelight.

Why we are excited: An eye-catcher of posters, photographs, costume designs and music scores from the 1790s to the present, the exhibition shows objects that have never been exhibited before and shows a hidden side of the storyincluding faces and names that have been lost.

Things not to miss: That earliest surviving Australian printed documentand Lady Nellie Melba’s fan!

Until Sunday, August 7, 2022 | National Library of Australia, Parked space|

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