Beck’s Nashville solo set crashed off Jack White’s “Tubthumping” cover

Beck followed up on his tour de SXSW with an intimate solo-acoustic concert Monday at the Nashville Club The Basement East with a capacity of 400 people. Nashville man about the town of Jack White was there to introduce Beck – or rather to emulate him, sort of.

In a video posted on Third Man Records Instagram account, White can be seen on stage, introducing himself as Beck and announcing with a fake Southern accent: “I want to make one of my favorite Beck songs from the 1990s, as I wrote. ”White then started in the chorus of Chumbawamba’s” Tubthumping, “which subsequently turned into the chorus of Proclaimers'” I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles). “Beck then arrived on stage to ask, “What are you doing, Jack?” He continued, “You asked for some nail clippers. I went out to my car to pick them up. I’m coming back and you’re playing my show. “Just a little comedy from two guys who’s a little more talented at music than comedy.

Watch the hijinks play out below, where you can also find Beck’s setlist via

“The Golden Age”
“(I Heard That) Lonesome Whistle” (Hank Williams Cover)
“Canceled check”
“I think I’m fine”
“Their log”
“lazy flies”
“Girl dreams”
“I Am The Cosmos” (Chris Bell-cover)
“The heart is a drum”
Bottle of Blues
“Lost case”
“Everyone Must Learn Once” (The Korgis Cover)
“Blackbird Chain”


“A foot in the grave”

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