BC boy returns to Hollywood in American Idol audition (VIDEO)

Kamlop resident and pipeliner Cameron Whitcomb sang his heart out and impressed American Idol judges just enough to go to Hollywood.

After demonstrating his ability to return to the scene, Whitcomb performed “Rock, Salt, and Nails” by Waylon Jennings, a pioneer in the country music genre.

The 18-year-old BC boy was to perform for three veterans in the music industry: Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan.

Whitcomb revealed that before he tempted fate and embarked on this musical journey, he was a mechanic and pipeliner who performed hard work 12 hours a day, six days a week.

The star-studded panel of judges found Whitcomb’s accent interesting and made it a focal point during their exchange.

Perry was curious if the judges would be able to hear Whitcomb’s accent during his performance, but their concerns were alleviated after he sang. He also had a much deeper and more moving voice than his youthful and energetic appearance might have suggested.

Still, there was some debate as to whether Whitcomb was “organized” enough to move on. Richie was a “no for now”, so Whitcomb was clearly not all he ever wanted, nor were his arms open to the BC boy.

“I think there’s something there,” Perry said. “If you can trust us Americans.”

She was a yes, and Bryan was also a yes because he liked Whitcomb “for some reason.”

The consideration created some temporary drama before he inevitably got his ticket.

Whitcomb was ecstatic that he got the approving nod and he made one more return before stepping out of the set and worrying Perry in the process.

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