Australian singer Tones and I admit she dislikes her hit Dance Monkey, which tops the charts: ‘I hate that song’

Aussie singer Toner and I. came up with a shocking admission in the air about the catchy song that put her on the map.

In an interview with Nova’s Smallzys operation last night, the 24-year-old singer said she “hates” her hit single ‘Dance Monkey’, and has no plans to repeat it for the time being.

But that’s the mood she’s got from music producers and songwriters in LA, where she currently lives while working on new music.

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Tones and I accept ARIA for Best Female Artist at the 33rd Annual ARIA Music Awards at The Star in Sydney, Wednesday 27 November 2019.
Singer Tones and I say she’s not a fan of her hit song ‘Dance Monkey’. (AAP)

“They’re doing this [in LA] where they put you in a room with a different person every day, “she explained to host Kent” Smallzy “Small.” I was in the room with men every day, which is fine, but there were a few of them who had everything . work together heaps before, and then they start like walking on a tangent. And usually it was aimed at ‘Dance Monkey’ like: ‘OK, this girl had a hit with this kind of song, like, let’s go there.

But Tones and I – the real name Toni Watson – said she has moved on from the song, which won several awards, including best pop release at the 2019 ARIA Music Awards.

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“I was like, ‘I don’t want to go there anymore.’ It was great, good for me. I wrote that song on my own without trying to do a single thing, and it happened,” she said. “But I do not want to just try to chase the song as I hate that song much of the time. Many times I do not bother to sing it. I do not want to write another song like that I just want to tell people how I feel.”

Tones and I took home four awards at the ARIA Awards in 2019. (AAP)

Last year, the ARIA winner also outlined what her career would look like in the future, Hit told NSW Breakfast with Gawndy and Maz she plans to pivot and one day work behind the scenes as a songwriter.

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“I do not know how much longer I have to be Tones and I,” she told hosts Daniel ‘Gawndy’ Gawned and Maz Compton back in July. “I mean, realistically, I want to give myself four more years, and then I want to be a songwriter. I feel like this is a lot, and I want to keep writing music.”

Given that Tones and I have achieved her goals and more since her early days of bustle in the streets of Byron Bay and Melbourne, she is capable of hitting shots in her career. The singer is now estimated to have a net worth of $ 6 million and a real estate portfolio worth at least $ 11.9 million across Australia and the United States.

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