Aurora Police Department firing officer Jonathan Olsen, says he sent threatening voicemails to the teen

AURORA, Ill. (CBS) The Aurora Police Department has fired one of its officers after an investigation revealed he had sent several threatening voicemails to a teenager.

Officer Jonathan Olsen was fired in connection with a complaint that was first issued last year.

On Saturday, April 24, 2021, a man came to the Aurora Police Department reception and said his teenage child had received several threatening voicemails on their cell phone.

The phone number from which the calls came turned out to be a personal phone belonging to an Aurora police officer.

The Aurora Police Department of Investigation Services launched a full-scale criminal investigation, and the victim and their family signed a complaint against Olsen.

The Aurora Police Office of Professional Standards found the complaint upheld, and after review by the bureau chief, Employee Review Board, Civilian Review Board and Police Chief Keith Cross, Olsen was fired.

“It is crystal clear that Jonathan Olsen violated the law and traumatized several people with his actions,” Chief Cross said in a press release. “Our officers are held to a very high standard and must be held accountable for their actions,” Cross said. “His conduct was detrimental to the department as a whole and his credibility as a police officer.”

DuPage County State Attorney Robert Berlin has ruled that no charges will be filed against Olsen.

Olsen was also fired in 2017 by then-Aurora Police Chief Kristen Ziman for violating the department’s policy. Olsen appealed to an arbitrator, who found that the city had proved his allegations of serious misconduct against him, but still reduced his sentence to a 60-day suspension – after which he was reinstated.

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