Ashley Tisdale reacts funny after going viral for buying 400 books for photoshoots

By Corey Atad.

3 minutes ago

Ashley Tisdale has plenty of reading to catch up on.

Earlier this week, the “High School Musical” star went viral for a moment in her latest Architectural Digest photoshoot video, and admitted that the books on her shelves were all newly purchased.

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“These bookshelves, I must be honest, actually did not have books in them a few days ago,” Tisdale says in a video tour of his home in LA. “I got my husband to go to the bookstore and I thought, ‘You need 400 books.'”

The moment quickly spread across social media, with many making jokes that the actress was filling her bookshelves for appearances instead of actually reading.

Finally, Thursday night, Tisdale responded to all the attention with a funny post in which she joked that she “just got a lot of new books to get through.”

However, Tisdale is a reader, and she shared a list she wrote with some of her favorite self-help and mental health-related book recommendations for her fans.

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The actress also told fans who love to read about attending her weekly book club, which is held every Saturday morning, and encouraged people to buy books from independent bookstores.

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