Anitta Wows Coachella with Snoop Dogg, Saweetie and Lots of Booty

Brazilian singer Anitta has been a superstar in Latin America for years, but is only now on her way to the United States – and that move received a big shout out with her extensive, wide-ranging and eye-catching sexy performance at the Coachella Festival on Friday night.

Musically, the 45-minute set featured an astonishing mix of genres that underscored the Brazilian and Latin music that made her a star, but added pop – her Ryan Tedder-helmeted hit “Faking Love,” with a short como from Saweetie – rock – pop-punk “Boys Don’t Cry”, also from her recently released album “Versions of Me” – hip-hop and a Diplo-controlled dance party that rounded out the last third of the set.

The set was just as diverse and visual at the arena level. It opened with a stage set based on the Brazilian favelas that were erected, with a pool table – with Snoop hanging out, smoking a joint – in front of fake buildings, as her musicians performed at the top, while Anitta and about 20 male and female dancers worked in front of the stage.

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Snoop introduced Anitta to the Coachella audience and then largely stepped back while watching as he breathed on his spliff. During the following dance episodes, Anitta twerked and caressed both female and male dancers.

About 20 minutes inside came a dance interlude, where Anitta switched to the second of her three outfits, and then switched the set to a more urban setting – the fake buildings turned into a giant graffiti wall – just as the music slowed down while she paid tribute to her roots with “Girl From Rio”, which interpolates Astrud Gilberto’s “Girl From Ipanema”, probably the most famous Brazilian song in the world.

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For the latter segment, the background changed to a giant wall of speakers as Diplo – whose music has long been permeated by Latin and Brazilian influences – took over a DJ stand in the middle, peeling remixes off as “Vai Malandra” and “Medley Funk” Ai Vivo) ”, while Anitta and the dancers did a serious workout that peaked with what can only be called a booty solo: the dancers gathered around while twerking with remarkable skill.

And with that, it’s safe to say that Anitta had made her mark – watch the Coachella livestream for rebroadcasts on Saturday.

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