And Just Like That … gets another season – here’s what you can expect

One of the biggest mistakes of the first season (apart from a strange focus on Brady Hobbes’ sex life) was failing to bring Aidan Shaw (John Corbett) back. It was especially hard to swallow when Corbett had teased a possible appearance and told the American gossip column Page Six that he “should make the show”.

As one of Carrie’s two great loves, viewers deserve to see what an Aidan-Carrie reunion could look like in the reboot. And yes, we know that season 1 ended with Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) kissing colleague Franklyn (Ivan Hernandez). But Franklyn produces podcasts, Aidan built tasteful handmade furniture. No competition.

We’ll be seeing more of Seema

And just like that … introduced a number of new faces, but Seema (Sarita Choudhury) was one of the few who felt like an authentic part of Sex and the City cannon. She dressed well, smoked incessantly, and was not afraid to call Carrie out on her trademark navel-gazing.

Seema?  We would like to see more thanks.

Seema? We would like to see more thanks.Credit:Bgine / HBO

Given fans’ reaction to Seema, expect to see her story lines elaborated. We would also be happy to keep seeing her and Zed (William Abadie) keep a hole in that hotel room.

The possible

Miranda and Che have a baby

If we’ve learned anything from Miranda’s arc, it’s to expect the unexpected. While a baby may seem like the least likely outcome for this couple, it also feels very on-brand to see Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) and Che (Sara Ramirez) navigate the modern parenting scene in Los Angeles together. And just like that ...

Move over Brody.  Could Miranda and Che have their own baby?

Move over Brody. Could Miranda and Che have their own baby?Credit:HBO / Binge

Miranda is post-menopausal (“prepare to get sweaty” was her advice to Charlotte) so Che could choose to carry their child or they could adopt.

Charlotte becomes a trans rights activist

It’s easy to write off Charlotte (Kristin Davis) as a WASP-y prostitute, but her character actually has a documented history of embracing things beyond her own experience. See also: Judaism.

Charlotte and Rock in a scene from And Just Like That ...

Charlotte and Rock in a scene from And Just Like That …Credit:HBO / Binge

Charlotte may have struggled with Rocks (Alexa Swinton) transition history in the first season. Still, it would be a good piece within the possibilities for her to become a passionate transporter and take an interest in Rocks journey.

The monstrous

Steve finds new love… with Anthony

They took so much from Steve (David Eigenberg) in the first season (his hearing, his wife), maybe it’s time to give back, in the form of a surprising love affair with Anthony (Mario Cantone). Anthony could certainly do worse than pursue a relationship with Steve. His last girlfriend appeared on the show for thirty seconds, made a Holocaust joke and was never seen again.

Big forged his own Death-By-Peloton and now lives in London with Samantha

If anyone can stop falsifying their own death, it’s Big (Chris Noth). We all saw him standing on the keel of his Peloton, but in the hours it took Carrie to call 911, he could easily have swapped a corpse of similar size, booked the first flight to Heathrow and teased Carrie with Samantha (Kim Cattrall) of tea time. We’re not saying it should happen (especially considering Noth was cut from the first-season finale after allegations of sexual assault, which he denies), but could it work?


Ash Barty joins the cast

World No. 1 has just called curtains for her tennis career, and she said in her retirement statement that she would “chase her dreams”. Maybe starring in season two of And just like that … is her dream? It’s definitely my dream for her.

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