Actress Kate Walsh announces engagement to Australian

Actress Kate Walsh is set to become an honorary Aussie, announcing on Instagram that she’s engaged to West Australian farmer Andrew Nixon.

The Grey’s Anatomy star was chatting to her Private Practice co-star Amy Brenneman on Instagram Live when Nixon
entered the frame, leading Walsh to accidentally confirm their engagement.

“Here comes the jungle cat,” Walsh said.

“That is my fiance,” she said to Brenneman, and everyone on the live.

Nixon gave the camera a small wave while Brenneman commented on their news.

 “She just 100 per cent outed your engagement,” Brenneman said.

“I did. I just outed our engagement,” Walsh added, whose engagement ring was visible during the live.

Kate with Andrew Nixon. Image: Instagram.

Walsh has been living in Perth for quite some time now, having met Nixon on a cruise before COVID-19 became a pandemic in 2020.

She reportedly got ‘stuck’ here as lockdowns took hold.

“I didn’t really want to go back to New York in the middle of a pandemic when it was pretty gnarly to say the least,” she told The Daily Telegraph at the time.

“I couldn’t go home initially, and now that I can, I don’t really fancy going back,” she added. “I have my own mother saying, ‘Don’t come home,’ my 86-year-old mum. We are in a very challenging time!”