A unique spa experience in Vancouver and it involves being rocked by another adult

You might remember this super unique spa experience from the show New girlas Nick gives it a try.

If it seemed appealing to be rocked like a baby in water – there’s a place in Vancouver, BC where you can get it.

The holistic water therapy is called Watsu and if you want to try it, you need to prepare to be held with the aim of achieving ultimate relaxation.

To perform this type of therapy, another adult will hold and massage you in warm water to relieve stress and soothe the sympathetic nervous system.

It actually sounds pretty relaxing – though it’s a little weird.

You can go to an actual Watsu Hydrotherapy session through a general practitioner in BC named Diana Cheng.

Cheng will heal any negative energy through Watsu techniques and free your mind to achieve total relaxation, according to her website.

Usually this type of therapy is performed by a general practitioner, but anyone can really practice these techniques.

So gather your friends and ask them to rock you!

Watsu can be performed in lakes, oceans, hot springs or pools, so the next time you are in the water – give it a try.

It is the ultimate way to relax your body while floating in the water and focusing only on peace and serenity.

There seem to be a wealth of benefits that can come with this technique.

According to research, Watsu is a great relief for chronic pain, trauma and pregnancy pain.

If you can get over how awkward it seems, it might be worth a try.

If you are one New girl fan, it’s worth a try, just so you can feel like Nick did.

Watsu Hydrotherapy Vancouver – Diana Cheng

Price: $ 257

Address: 7865 Edmonds St Suite A., Burnaby, BC

Why you should go: You should check out this type of therapy for an extremely unique experience. Even if you are not able to relax, sharing with friends is a fun experience.


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