9 Bridgerton season 1 moments to remember for Netflix season 2

Bridgerton season 2 kicks off fast – so fast it’s actually easy to guess what details of season 1 you actually remember from when it aired in december 2020. Some of the changes in season 2 are pretty obvious: The Duke of Hastings will be does not return as he is happily married, and lives a life on his country estate. (Duchess of Hastings, born Bridgerton, shows up, but breakaway star Regé-Jean Page and his character remain “in the country” and never come to visit.) Instead, this season is a whole new, passionate world with Anthony Bridgerton at the top , looking for love while trying to ignore how annoyed he is with Kate Sharma.

To prepare for Friday’s season 2 premiere, we have gathered all the most important things from Bridgerton season 1 here so you can quickly get up to speed again. And for a little extra fun, we’ve ranked them (in ascending order) by how much the season reminds you to get to know them.

[Ed. note: Spoilers abound for season 1 of Bridgerton, as faithful readers might expect.]

9. Colin becomes a study abroad

Colin looks at a Lady Whistledown booklet

Photo: Liam Daniel / Netflix

Suffering from a broken heart, from the broken engagement to her budding female love Marina (more on that below), Colin takes to Greece to recover emotionally. This is placed low on the list, both because it is not very important and also because season 2 very quickly brings viewers up to speed when someone announces to a salon that he will stop in Albania on the way home. said Nuff.

8. We know who Lady Whistledown is

Penelope in Bridgerton with a candlestick

Photo: Liam Daniel / Netflix

In the last moments of season 1, Bridgerton threw a basket ball: We were let into the show’s biggest secret, the identity of the tonic gossip Lady Whistledown. She turned out to be none other than Penelope Featherington, whose time on the edge of ballrooms paid off in gossip. You’re unlikely to have forgotten this Gossip Girl-like twist, but since the show is going to remind you very quickly, do not worry too much if you have!

7. Eloise is obsessed with finding out who Lady Whistledown is

Eloise sits on the couch and enjoys chocolate with her friend Penelope

Photo: Liam Daniel / Netflix

While we know Lady Whistledown’s identity, Eloise Bridgerton spent much of season 1 desperately figuring it out. She was so diligent if it did not succeed that the queen herself asked Eloise to report back. But when young Bridgerton saw what she thought was Whistledown’s carriage being approached by one of the Queen’s spies, she told Whistledown to flee (without getting a glimpse of who it was).

Perhaps most crucial to remember: Eloise is not on the hunt just because she’s trying to get the next gossip. She respects Whistledown’s contempt for the establishment and success as an independent woman.

6. Benedict is an art shoe

Benedict Bridgerton at his easel makes an art

Photo: Liam Daniel / Netflix

Like Eloise, Benedict Bridgerton marches in time with his own drummer. In season 1, he was finally convinced to follow his heart and pursue art – although for a large part of the season it was mostly about him going on auditions (with, among others, the dressmaker Genevieve Delacroix) and observing affairs ( as the artist Henry Granvilles. and his girlfriend). But as Benedict often repeats in season 2, his passion is art. It just happens to involve nude models.

5. Where’s Marina Thompson?

Marina Thompson is shown to the dance floor

Photo: Liam Daniel / Netflix

A late season 1 twist revealed that Marina had become pregnant out of wedlock with a man who died in the war. Fortunately, his brother Philip Crane eventually got things right by marrying her and rescuing her from what would have been a serious scandal, during the Regency era. Colin had broken off their engagement after Lady Whistledown – who you will remember is Penelope Featherington – blew up Marina’s situation. It’s important in the middle because it’s something you need to know for a lot of other stories, but not so much Marina’s. However, it does talk a lot about Penelope.

4. The King of England is having a hard time right now

The Queen of Bridgerton surrounded by her staff

Photo: Liam Daniel / Netflix

Behind his wigs and abundance, the queen hides that the king has had a beginning of what appears to be dementia, making him prone to confusion and outbursts of anger. It does not come up that much, but it is important to remember that everything the queen does serves to protect the king’s (and her) place in society.

3. Featheringtons lost everything

The Featherington family in a stills from Bridgerton season 1 enjoying a day at the park

Photo: Liam Daniel / Netflix

After arranging a boxing match, Lord Featherington died, apparently murdered by his bookmakers, who also took their money back. Since Featheringtons had only daughters, the estate went to another, unnamed man in the family.

2. Anthony is a Capital-R Rake

Anthony makes a Mr.  Darcy and comes out of the water in a soaked shirt in Bridgerton

Photo: Liam Daniel / Netflix

During Season 1, Anthony Bridgerton had an affair with an opera singer he was passionately in love with, despite their class divisions that made the romance a hopeless affair.

She called his bluff at the end of season 1 and told him he “was lost” and that she would not let him “put [her] also on operation. “She reminded him that there are men in her life who do not need her to dress like something she is not to make her” respectable. “As a result, Anthony decided, that he was ready to find “and immediately declare” his intentions for a viscountess. But because he was burned by the opera singer, he goes a little hopelessly into the arrangement: “I have finally determined the degree of difficulty, the love itself. relationships will make me even better for it. “

It’s ranked here because even though Anthony is the main character in season 2, his heartache over his old relationship is relatively forgotten (but crucial!).

1. There was a sports plot line

Will the boxer enjoy a drink with a man in Bridgerton s2

Photo: Liam Daniel / Netflix

Will Mondrich, boxer and friend of the Duke of Hastings, was urged by Lord Featherington to strike a fight (the one from a few texts ago) that would pay off lucratively for both of them. While his choice to throw the fight upset the Duke, the money meant Will could retire from boxing and settle down with his wife Alice and find new ways to support himself.

While this plotline is not crucial to the first episode of the season, it is the most cryptic allusion to, and it is clearly quite large, of how Will behaves in season 2.

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