5 Netflix Characters That Should Return To The MCU (And 3 We Will Never See Again)

With a vovehals restart reportedly in the works at Marvel Studios, we take a closer look at the characters from the Netflix series, we would like to see more of, and those that should be on the shelf …

Earlier this month, Marvel Studios added all of Marvel Television’s Netflix TV shows to Disney +. This has left fans more eager than ever to see these characters in MCU, especially after Daredevil and The Kingpins’ recent return in Spider-Man: No Way Home and Hawkeyerespectively.

It’s clear that Kevin Feige is now seeking to make use of (some of) these characters, and although those we’ve seen make their presence felt so far have been played by the same actors, it’s unlikely that it is. the case for everyone. After all, these shows are only very loosely linked to MCU, and Marvel Studios relies on continuity they had nothing to do with makes no sense.

If the latest rumors are to be believed, one vovehals restart is under development. With that in mind, it now seems like a good time to dive into the heroes and villains, which should be a top priority for MCU … along with a few that we have very little interest in seeing adorn the big or small screen again .

We start with the characters we would like to see more of before moving on to the ones we do not. To take a look through this feature, all you have to do is click the “Next” button below!

8. Elektra


Elodie Yung exceeded expectations as Elektra, even in the midst of poor storytelling and inconsistent writing. The actress gave her the mysterious, exotic vibe that the version played by Jennifer Garner was sorely lacking, and it finally felt like we had a really bad bid on this antihero … until she was killed in one of The most overwhelming nods to the comics we can remember.

Later, when we returned as part of The Hand, the door stood open for us to see more Elektra down the line, though we would prefer if MCU literally forgot pretty much everything that has happened in the past.

The concept that this character is tied to the secret group of ninjas is played out in the comics and certainly something that this series covered (in far too much depth). Going forward, why not follow the latest stories by getting Elektra to dress like a female Daredevil? It’s definitely one option, and with the right story, Yung could quite easily play the warrior in his own solo project.

7. Ben Urich


While Ben Urich’s death may have shocked the audience in this series, it was also a huge waste of a character that has been a big part of vovehals myths over the years.

By killing this intrepid reporter, Marvel Television deprived us of the chance to see his unique dynamic with Man Without Fear explored in detail; do not forget, it was Ben who found out that Matt Murdock was secretly Daredevil, and chose not to publish that story for fear of getting out of one of the only heroes in New York City who fought for to save Hell’s Kitchen. So how do you get him back from the dead?

Well, it’s surprisingly simple. This moment in the Netflix series just has to be ignored; when ‘ol Hornhead returns to MCU, just have Ben there already a part of his world. We probably would not bring Vondie Curtis-Hall back, although it would be good to see a black actor continue to play the reporter, especially since there was a real lack of diversity in the comics when Ben was created.

6. Vanessa Fisk


Vincent D’Onofrio’s bid for Wilson Fish was incredibly layered, and many of his best scenes came not with Charlie Cox ‘Daredevil, but with Ayelet Zurer’s Vanessa. As the series progressed, she took an increasingly active role in his criminal empire, creating a fair pair of powers in the process.

With MCU’s Kingpin likely dazzled after his encounter with Maya Lopez, Marvel Studios has the perfect opportunity to put Vanessa Fisk at the center when she appears to be taking charge of her husband’s criminal empire. Her death is ultimately what encourages Wilson to go down the route to try to recover mysterious artifacts that may revive his beloved, but which could be saved for a later date.

There is more history to tell here, and not doing so would be a great wasted opportunity. Zurer was amazing as Vanessa, so we want to see Marvel Studios make it a priority to bring her back.

5. The fog Nelson


You can not have Daredevil with Foggy Nelson. Elden Henson did a fantastic job of playing Matt Murdock’s best friend, especially when it came to portraying the pain he felt when he learned that his buddy shone like a masked vigilant. Unfortunately, things went downhill from there, where Foggy became less supportive and more whiny before finally parting ways with Matt to work for a large law firm.

It was pretty much out of character, and although we appreciated watching Foggy receive his own agency, he’s someone who needs to be by Matt’s side as a friend, lawyer buddy, and source of inspiration.

As for their friendship in MCU, let’s explore the fun side of this dynamic, something that made Mark Waid / Chris Samnee run off vovehals such an enjoyable trip for fans. This is not to say that we want Foggy to become a comic relief, but instead of fooling and criticizing Matt every chance he gets, his buddy should provide more valuable insight into what it means for him to be Daredevil .

4. Bullseye


Bullseye is one of Daredevil’s greatest enemies, and the third season did a solid job of exploring Benjamin Poindexter’s origins. We would argue that it was too lengthy, but at least when the show ended, the stage was set for this former FBI agent to fit in as Bullseye.

It’s hard to say how the grade should be handled in the MCU. On the one hand, we would very much like to see Wilson Bethel emerge as a fully formed Bullseye (costume and all) who has decided to aim for Man Without Fear. One argument could be argued for a reboot, but a third actor playing this character on screen risks making him feel too familiar and played out for the audience.

As a result, our solution would be to get Bullseye to make his presence felt in a number of other projects before finally crossing paths with Daredevil again. Getting him to target other heroes in movies and on Disney + and establish the assassin as a fearsome threat before “Dex” finally finds himself in battle with Matt Murdock in what would be a truly epic battle.

Karen Page


Karen Page, who is perhaps the worst written character in Daredevil across its three seasons, is unfortunately not someone we are eager to spend more time with in MCU. That is not to say that Deborah Ann Woll’s work was in any way bad; the problem was that the show’s writers constantly forced Karen into any situation just to give her something to do.

Somehow she went from victim of assassination attempt to legal secretary to murderer to New York’s best reporter, and even though we could have bought into all of this with stronger storytelling, this show just lost the ball. It was because Karen became something of a drag to spend time with, and as we move into a fresh era for Man Without Fear, a new love interest feels like a much better idea.

Kirsten McDuffie, Milla Donovan and Typhoid Mary are among the possibilities, but throwing Karen into this world too soon would be a mistake. It’s a shame, because she’s an amazing female character; there’s just no one to get around that Marvel Television has damaged her so she can not be repaired.

2. Melvin Potter


One of the most annoying things to know vovehals, and Marvel Television in general, was its outdated approach to dealing with disguised characters. While the MCU embraced superheroes, these programs seemed to be stuck in the early 2000s, with just a strange nod to a costume or familiar characters who were given obscure Easter eggs or nicknames to refer to their comic book roots.

That was unfortunately the case with a Melvin Potter. When he became a recurring presence in this series, he created Man Without Fear’s costume (minus “DD”, of course …) and dropped several references to one day becoming a Gladiator. It just never ended up becoming a reality.

With Marvel Studios now at the helm, you would think that now would be the right time to make it happen. Nix. Matt Gerald is a good actor who did the best he could with what he got, but Gladiator has always been one of Daredevil’s worse villains, and these repeated cameos have made us about as interested in seeing more of him as we are. are Turks. Give us Stilt-Man, Mister Fear and a restarted owl …

1. Claire Temple


We love Rosario Dawson, but there must be a less ungrateful role for her in MCU than Claire Temple. Used by Marvel Television to connect these characters, her involvement in each of the heroes’ lives soon became impossible to fully embrace, and failure to embrace what it meant to be a Night Nurse in this world meant that a lot of potential good stories fell. at the roadside.

Now, there’s really no reason for Claire to return, though we’d love to see Marvel Studios give Dawson a starring role in an upcoming TV show or movie. The possibilities are endless for her in that regard (especially with the restart of X men and Fantastic four franchise on the way), and we’re sure it would be a more rewarding concert for her at MCU than this character turned out to be.

If Claire had been established as a stronger presence in the world without Man Without Fears, we would have had a different attitude. As things stand, let’s find something that gives Dawson her due …

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