30 Times Medieval Painters Had No Idea How Something Looked And Created “Weird Medieval Guys”, As Shared On This Twitter Page

From illuminated manuscripts to tapestries, mosaics and stained glass, the medieval period is known for its many art forms and its miscellaneous executions. But what has been capturing the imagination of the generations that followed was the bizarre, mysterious and grotesque drawings and doodles found in the margins of medieval books.

The Twitter page “Weird Medieval Guys” offers a rare glimpse into the medieval fantasy by collecting and posting, you guessed it, weird medieval guys. Think of doodles of a tiny frog playing the piano, a frail skeleton drinking wine, or a monk and his cat reading together. No wonder the wondrous page created back in 2019 has already amassed 98.3K followers.

We reached out to the author of this miscellaneous page who wished to stay unnamed to find out more about the project, so scroll down for the interview below!

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