3 most underrated players currently on the Los Angeles Lakers roster

The Los Angeles Lakers roster is not currently good enough to win the NBA Championship. Los Angeles won’t truly be in title contention until the team is able to move Russell Westbrook, preferably for Kyrie Irving. There are too many problems with Westbrook and not enough talent to overcome it.

That being said, there are players on the Lakers roster who are definitely being overlooked in the grand scheme of things. While Lakers fans certainly appreciate (almost) every player on the roster and know who is truly underrated, general NBA players are still sleeping on a handful of players.

Here are the 3 most underrated players on the Los Angeles Lakers roster:

3. Austin Reaves

General NBA fans have not yet caught on to Austin Reaves in the same way that it took time for people to catch on to Alex Caruso. Many thought that Caruso was merely a meme of a player and that he did not add actual value to the Lakers.

Those fans were obviously wrong as Caruso was one of the best defensive guards in the sport and played a massive role in the Lakers’ championship pursuit in 2020. Reaves is not quite to the level that Caruso is but he has potential and could see similar growth from an unknown undrafted player to a legitimate rotation guy.

Reaves had moments of promise last season both on the offensive and defensive end and at the very least he is someone who hustles on the defensive end and can make plays happen in that regard. He definitely has a lot more promise defensively than most of the players on the Lakers roster.

If Reaves can iron out his three-point shot and continues to play with the same high-effort intensity on both ends then he will truly prove his worth as a valuable two-way combo guard in this league.

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