The suspended professor made a salt video to extract the juice

DETROIT – A Michigan professor who was suspended after making abusive introductory videos for his students on Friday said it was just a ridiculous attempt to “get their juices flowing.”

“If a professor comes in and he’s all high and powerful and uses words he doesn’t understand – it doesn’t help him relax and think. … It was a demonstration,” Barry Mehler told the Associated Press.

Mehler, who teaches history, was on leave this week at Ferris State University in Big Rapids, 155 miles (250 kilometers) northwest of Detroit, after school principal David Isler described the video as “shocking and shocking.”

“The president never liked me,” said Mehler, 74.

In a 14-minute video at the beginning of the new period, he covered a range of topics, including grades, attendance, plagiarism, COVID-19 and the HBO series “Deadwood.”

He said that grades would be fixed randomly before the first day of class.

“This is how predestination works. … take your grievances to God. He appointed this system, not me,” Mehler said.

But later in the video he also said that “everything you need to earn A” is available on the class’s website.

Mehler, who is frustrated with the university’s refusal to require COVID-19 vaccines, called the students “vectors of the disease” and said they were not required to attend in person.

“I’m not going to take questions in class because I’m wearing a helmet to … survive,” he said of the astronaut-style helmet with air filter.

In an interview on Friday, Mehler said his policy on classroom attendance was not a joke, given his age and the risk of contracting the virus. On Tuesday, after her video was sent to students, her classroom was full – evidence, she said, that many were not outraged by her exclusion stream.

“The whole idea was to get their juices flowing,” Mehler said. “But they also knew that their grades were not based on predecessors. That was just ridiculous.”

Ferris State spokesman Sandy Gholston declined to comment.

Mehler said a lawyer and an educational freedom group, the Foundation for Personal Rights in Education, were helping her fight to get out of the classroom.

“I got a lot of support because these alumni said, ‘You were the funniest professor I’ve ever had,'” said Mehler, who has been in Ferris State for decades. “People watching the video are writing, ‘It was crazy. I laughed from beginning to end.'”

You can watch the video here, but the warning contains profane language


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The suspended professor made a salt video to extract the juice 2

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