Police are investigating the shooting of Alec Baldwin’s iPhone deadly movie set World news

Alec Baldwin has dedicated his mobile phone to investigators looking for a deadly shooting on his film set, his lawyer said.

A search warrant for the actor’s iPhone was issued in December, but the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office said earlier this week that it was still trying to find the device.

The Hollywood actor was rehearsing a scene in Rust and holding a prop gun When it stopped, Direct round firing that Cinematographer Halina Hutchins murdered And injured director Joel Suja.

Search warrant issued by the state of New Mexico

On Friday, Sheriff’s Department spokesman Juan Rios said in an email that Baldwin’s phone had been handed over to authorities in Suffolk County, New York, who were in the process of downloading relevant data to send to New Mexico investigators.

According to court documents, investigators will examine text messages, emails, social media communications, browser activity, and other information stored on the device.

Aaron Dyer, a lawyer for Baldwin, confirmed that the actor had provided his phone to authorities on Friday.

“But it’s not about his phone, and there’s no answer on his phone. Alec didn’t do anything wrong,” Dyer said in a statement.

“The real question is how the live rounds came first in the set,” he added.

Last week, Baldwin made a suggestion Failure to comply with the search warrant for his phone was a “lie.”.

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Baldwin insists he is pursuing research

He added: “It’s a process where one state requests another. Someone from another state can’t come to you and say, ‘Give me your phone, give it to me, give it to me.’ They can’t, they have to leave the kingdom where you live.

“And it’s a process that takes time and they have to specify what they really want.

“They can’t go through your phone and take your photo or your love letter to your wife or what you have, I don’t really know.

“But of course, we’re going to be 1,000% compliant with all of them. We’re totally fine with that.”

Baldwin has repeatedly said that he did not know that the gun contained live rounds and that he did not pull the trigger. Investigators must find out who kept the weapon.

Alec Baldwin Talks To Abc News About The Shooting Of Halina Hutchins.  Photo: Abc
Alec Baldwin has refused to pull the trigger. Photo: ABC

Baldwin said he met the film’s armor Hannah Gutierrez-Reid for a gun training session before the shooting, and he looked competent and responsible.

Ms Guterres-Reid has been the subject of much investigation. His lawyer said he did not have a round of ammunition and that he was the victim of vandalism.

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