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Mr. Shields, a lecturer at Cambridge University, said: Emanuel Macron Instead, he will be forced to step down from his second term at the Elysee Palace. He told “He has not yet made a formal announcement to run and obviously I would be surprised if he decides to run because he wants to secure his place in history.

“A one-term president who decided to run for a second term instead of a one-term president who was defeated while trying for a second term and made his own decision. History will be kind to the former.

“I think he will lose. I see his declining value and his opposition to his position on the French political spectrum from both the left and the right is making it very difficult for him to win.

“It has almost lost its popularity in an impressive proportion.”

His dissent came after a recent poll found that center-right Les Republican candidate Valerie Pecrese had tied the knot with President Macron in the second round of the 2022 presidential election.

Last month, rank-and-file members of the Conservative Les Republican Party voted to run in the by-elections, with opinion polls suggesting that Mr Pecrese could defeat Mr Macron in the April election.

If she succeeds, she will become France’s first female head of state.

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Mr Shields said the French president had “failed to provide a new approach” to France.

He said: “French politics has always been very volatile, fluid and divisive, but in my opinion this is not the case at present.

“There has been no major new adventure for Macron. The EU project is all but over – stable enough, there was no major war for France to engage in military terms.

“It simply came to our notice then.

“He is a very established creature and I think he has failed to capture the French imagination.

“Based on my interpretation of French politics and French romance, Macron has failed to unite the French people for the same reason, failing to mark his presidency as unique and different.”

Mr Shields predicted a runoff between Ms Pecres and Ms Penn in the election.

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