Johnson apologizes to Queen Boris Johnson

After 70 years on the throne, every aspect of the relationship between the king and his prime ministers must have deepened, albeit at times exhausted, familiar to Elizabeth II. 10 Conservatives and four Labor – Fourteen very different men and women have held the highest political office in the country since 1952. Ideologically, they cover a wide spectrum of ideas.

However, they are all united in one thing: they take great care not to embarrass the queen in the slightest.

Until Boris Johnson.

The idea of ​​a public apology came to the king Like Johnson made Friday Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly.

From Winston Churchill to Theresa May, on the eve of the King’s husband’s funeral in the midst of the plague, it would be hard to imagine a more humble and frightening moment than to apologize to his staff.

But Johnson is an example buster and rule breaker.

He also apologized to the Queen in 2019 Unlawful suspension of Parliament The Supreme Court had dismissed it.

But he has never been more outspoken than he has been this week.

This does not mean that all previous prime ministers have treated each side of the court equally and with respect. In 1936, during the short reign of Queen’s uncle Edward VIII, there was a full-blown political war between the government and the king over whether to marry Wallis Simpson, whom he had divorced from the United States.

The then Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin told the King that the government would resign if he did not ascend the throne.

When the king asked for time to consult with his friends, Baldwin replied sternly: “Who are they?” Edward gave.

During her own reign, the queen has at times had fragile relations with some prime ministers. The feud between Edward Heath and Margaret Thatcher over the prospect of Commonwealth sanctions against South Africa has led to tensions with an emperor whose devotion to the group is second to none.

However, according to Thatcher’s biographer Charles Moore, despite the hidden disagreements, both he and the Queen were very sensitive to each other’s roles and ideas.

Tony Blair insulted some traditional courtiers by pressuring the Queen to respond with public sensitivity to the pain of Princess Diana’s death in Wales in 1997.

The royalists tried to take Blair back in 2002, claiming that he had risen above them while he was sleeping in the Queen Mother’s kingdom. But no suggestion has ever been made that the queen herself has taken such an opinion. Blair’s memoirs, like those of other prime ministers, are respectful and honorable to him.

Long ago, Victorian constitutional expert Walter Bagehot stated that the British monarch had three rights when meeting the prime minister: to consult, to encourage, and to warn.

Johnson added another to the list: the right to apologize.

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Johnson apologizes to Queen Boris Johnson 2

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