Hair loss experts warn that mistaken towel drying can damage the hair follicles

Consultant Dermatologist and Dr. The founder of Ophelia Cosmeceutical Skin and Hair Care, Dr. Ophelia Veraich spoke to about the hairdressing mistakes you are making.

She spoke out against these behaviors, which can damage hair and enhance the appearance of hair loss.

Hair loss mistakes

Dry hair soaked with a towel

Dr. Ophelia said: “The hair shaft is made of keratin. The outer layer of the hair shaft is called the cuticle and is made up of overlapping keratin cells.

“The hair follicles act as a protective layer, but if the damage to the hair follicles is not taken care of, it can make the hair feel dry and unhealthy.

“Drying with a towel can damage the keratin cells in the hair follicles.

“So I do not recommend pre-conditioning dry hair soaked with a towel. In fact, it can cause further damage to the hair.”

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What causes hair loss?

Hair style and treatment

Wearing your hair in styles, such as tight ponytails or braids, can cause hair loss.


Hair loss can be caused by stress, such as physical or emotional trauma.


Some medications cause hair loss as a side effect. Check with your doctor if this is the case.

Experts have also recommended Hair loss supplement Contains a certain vitamin.

“Tonics contain ingredients that help promote hair growth for a targeted approach to address hair loss and hair loss,” she said.

“For example, the melatonin sleep hormone not only regulates circadian rhythms, but is a major antioxidant synthesized in hair follicles.

“Kashmiri goats have long been given melatonin to increase their wool production.”

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Hair loss experts warn that mistaken towel drying can damage the hair follicles 3

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