Emirates News Agency – Expo 2020 Dubai .. Travel and Communication Week charts the future of non-contact travel and sustainable mobility


Dubai, 15 January / WAM / Sustainable Tourism, Contactless Travel, Digital Communication Strategies, and the Expo 2020-powered inventors who are making a difference in life are all major themes Travel and Connectivity Week, Expo 2020 Dubai’s newest theme week. Today’s activities.

The newest theme week in the 102 Theme Week series of the 182-day period of Expo 2020, which started last Sunday, brings together industry leaders, inventors and policy makers to discuss digitization and connectivity as a global human rights and power. To do well in a changing world.

The week’s kick-off talks centered around national communication strategies, and included favorites such as Secretary of Government and Chair of the Peruvian Council of Ministers, Secretary of Digital Transformation, and HE Mark Hansen, Minister for Digitalisation in Luxembourg. , Who spoke about the European country’s collaborative strategy for digital inclusion and the NAP.

This week’s Expo 2020 is sponsored by Dubai-based inventors, such as the Jungle Foundation, which transforms communication into difficult emergencies and development situations, such as refugee camps, and the Peruvian laboratory project, which empowers women economically across Latin America.

For the Spain Pavilion, it hosted companies and organizations from Spain and the UAE, and at the pre-show of the “Global Mobility Call” event, organized a dialogue on smart solutions to create the infrastructure for sustainable mobility, a global call. Mobility, which is the first global event on sustainable mobility held in the city of Madrid from 14 to 16 June.

Talks with representatives of Expo 2020 Dubai’s two partners, Accenture and UPS, at the Women’s Pavilion on Monday, January 10, focused on bridging the digital divide.

This was followed on Tuesday at the UK Pavilion by “Digital Council..Digital Twin and the New Reality: Living and Thriving in a New Reality”, which touched on the capabilities of digitalized services, artificial intelligence and digital twin technology.

For the Business Forum for Travel and Communication, held on Tuesday, January 11 under the Human and Planet Program, it explored the future of sustainable tourism, and included representatives from Portugal, Seychelles and Bhutan, with Ethiopian Airlines CEO Tewolde Gebremariam referring to the airlines’ digitization. In light of the current global demand for epidemiological contactless travel.

Among the highlights of the week, Swiss startup Exomotion won first place at the “Hackathon the Future of Mobility” organized in collaboration with Siemens at Expo 2020.

Exomotion aims to increase mobility and access to cities for determined people, and will receive a one-year “Mind Sphere” package, which will help it continue to work on its solution. Expo’s official partner for the digitization of Siemens infrastructure 2020 will also provide many opportunities to develop a network of relationships within and outside Siemens, where the winner will be able to showcase both startup and IoT solutions to a variety of key audiences.

Travel and Communication Week will conclude today, Saturday, at the DP World Pavilion with the session “Dialogue of Cultures .. The Cloud is no one’s Own”, which brings together artists and experts in artificial intelligence to discuss data-driven social activism. Can create social change, and reduce systemic injustice to achieve results centered on the individual and society.

The 10 Weeks of Expo 2020 is an essential pillar of the World Expo program for humans and planet Earth, allowing us to exchange inspiring new perspectives to address the greatest challenges and opportunities of our age.

WAM / Ahmed Al Nuami / Reda Abdel Noor


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Emirates News Agency - Expo 2020 Dubai .. Travel and Communication Week charts the future of non-contact travel and sustainable mobility 3

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