Carlton Edge Cats in the AFLW win

Carlton’s AFLW season is off and he is running after a hard-fought victory over Bahadur Jillang at GMHBA Stadium.

The more-experienced Blues were pushed to the limit by curious cats before winning 14 points, 4.7 (31) to 2.5 (17) in Saturday night’s defense-affected competition.

The second-round victory gave Carlton midfielder Gun Mady Prespakis the right to be proud of the family in last season’s draft pick of younger sister Georgie, the cat’s No. 2 pick.

Both were valuable contributors to their respective teams, Maddie, the 2020 AFLW Best and Outstanding Winner, 29 assets and Georgie – 18 three years younger – before being forced to work hard for her 15 disposal knocks under the Blood Rules. Face in the last quarter.

It was the first time the two sisters had played against each other in an AFLW game, and the second time Maddie had thrashed the Cats – he scored 28 disposals and scored the main goal in the Blues’ victory in a similar encounter last season.

Their parents traveled three hours on the Murray River from their hometown of Ichuka to a historic family football reunion.

The pair have been involved in a number of midfield competitions, and Maddie shouted at Georgie in one of them.

“We both went out for training on Thursday morning and said goodbye to each other. It’s the best,” Maddie said.

“She tried to sell me some sweets (balk), but the goal was not achieved, so she had to work on it a little bit.”

Carlton captain Carin Harrington excelled with 23 assists, with Gabby Pound’s able support marshaling the defense to seize Geelong’s scoring opportunity.

Geelong captain Meg MacDonald held the Blues’ sharpshooter and AFLW chief goalkeeper Darcy Vesio to a goalless draw, but the Blues found enough options to keep up the momentum in the double battle.

It was an interesting strategic battle between coach Daniel Harford (Carlton) and Dan Luther (Geelong) in which the former accepted the dominance of midfield in the home team by putting an extra player in the defense.

Jillang played with a lot of energy in the competitions, but consistently backed down despite dominating, especially in the first quarter.

The Cats rarely found a way to cross the reliable Harrington who measured several ground balls within the defensive half of the Blues.


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Carlton Edge Cats in the AFLW win 2

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